10 Reasons you should go on a Hut Trip this Winter

  1. No lift lines and a warm bed.  We all know that some of the best turns can be found in the backcountry.  Basing your ski tours out of a warm hut at treeline for a few nights with your best friends will enable longer ski days and better views than out your regular bedroom window.
  2. Most Huts are nicer than your house.  Hut trips are not "ruffing it."  They are more often vigorous hikes in the woods, uphill, that lead you to a glamorous and fully stocked log cabin in the middle of no where with a ten million dollar view.
  3. Food always tastes better after you've carried it uphill for 5 hours.  Some huts are way back there and if you're going for multiple nights you are going to have to carry in all your food... but don't skimp and just pack Ramen Noodles.  Most huts are fully stocked with everything you would need to prep a gourmet meal, so go big or go home.
  4. You will get to know your friends on a whole new level... After most Hut trips you will come out of it feeling like family- for better or for worse.
  5. Snow Margaritas have never tasted so good.  There is something inherently rewarding about pouring tequila over a cup of fresh pow you just collected off the front porch. 
  6. Life is simple in the Hut.  Chop wood, carry snow to melt into water, eat, ski, sleep, repeat.  You won't miss your TV, your inbox, or your cell phone charger, guaranteed.  
  7. People might dance on tables as early as 7pm.   Alcohol works better at altitude and when your phone has lost all its batteries and it gets dark at 4:30 you don't know what time it is so party like its 1999.
  8. Spontaneous things will happen.  Pack a guitar, take a flask for the hike up to the hut, and don't be shy about wearing something festive.  You and your friends ARE the entertainment on a Hut trip so make sure you go with people you like.
  9. You can brag about your ski epics in the log book.  Most Huts have decades worth of legendary tales recorded in log books kept by those that have come before you.  Leave your mark, exaggerate your findings, embarrass your friends and check out what's been done there before.
  10. Even if it doesn't snow or conditions are not safe, Hut Trips rule.  You never know what the Snow Gods will have in mind when your trip comes around.  The good news is that even if there isn't any new snow or things look sketchy out there you can still build a kicker off the roof and repeat between rounds of whiskey.

Sarah Uhl, a Carbondale local, will be blogging for Cripple Creek Backcountry this Winter.  You might find her skinning up Sunlight before breakfast or, if your lucky, cooking you Chicken Cordon Blue on your next Hut Trip. 

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