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The "Quiver Killer" became an important tool at our shop this year. One of our major issues was how to have a demo fleet that fits a full size run of boots. Most alpine touring bindings only offer a 3 cm range of adjustability if any at all. The Quiver Killer offered a solution; two different whole sets that cover a much wider range of boot sizes and the ability to easily move the toe, heal, or both without damaging the ski.

Check out our Shop Rates page for our Quiver Killer service.

The Problem: A normal ski to binding interface relies on a perfectly perpendicular hole drilled in the ski, with intact threads, and glue to seal it for moisture. Every time a screw is fired in and out of this whole it jeopardizes this interface and can result in binding pull outs. 

The Quiver Killer Solution: The Quiver Killer drills a much bigger hole and then fires in a threaded, capped, metal insert properly sealed against moisture. Then a machine screw is used to fix the binding to the Quiver Killer.

Pros: This worked great for our demo fleet all year, but we also provided this service for many of our customers. It is particularly useful if you have a favorite pair of planks that you like to ski Alpine and Telemark.  Two different hole patterns on the same pair of skis. Or for those of you that have a closet full of of arrows and don't want to buy 5 pairs of PLUM Bindings to have them all ready for the backcountry.

Cons: Although they sell many different mounting screws, Quiver killer has not quite caught up to the dozens of varieties of AT and Tele bindings on the market.  If you have a big selection of machine screws this is not much of a problem, but it does make it harder than just ordering the perfect set.  Remember you only get one chance when you mount these. If you strip a hole it is going to be a crater in your ski that a Heli-coil will not plug. I highly encourage you to bring it to a shop that performs this service on a regular basis. 

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  • Randy Young
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