TLT 6 Performance Review


At the shop we have been receiving TLT 6 Performances and shipping them out as fast as we can unbox them. Backcountry skiers everywhere seem psyched about this boot and so am I. Dynafit has made some impressive changes to the TLT 6 from its predecessor the TLT 5. Add that to a growing crowd of enthusiastic fast and light skiers and this boot is sure to be a hit, but good luck finding any left in December!

When the the TLT 5 first came out I was working at the Outdoor Gear Exchange in VT. We were given a sample pair the season before they were released and I wore them around the shop all day. Nevermind the fact that my foot felt like it was being crushed inside that narrow Euro style shell, it moved and weighed liked my running shoes and I was in love. As soon as I could, I acquired my TLT 5 Mountains and my love hate relationship with them began, as their incredible design opened up new terrain yet their tight last left me on the verge of tears getting back to my car.

Make a wider boot with the same awesome efficiency? What a novel idea. Although I only skied them for a few test laps at Winter Park last year. The number one feature of these boots was my lack of tears. A wider boot is sure to make this boot more popular as well as a changing sentiment in backcountry skiing. When I was so pumped for the TLT 5 people looked at me like I was crazy. To think a pair of practically running shoes could push around a bigger ski.  A few years later that has changed and even the hardest charging skiers realize they need a boot like the TLT 6. I would recommend the performance for anyone that is trying to make a lightweight boot their only boot. The added carbon is enough for me to push skis up to 112 mm in the waist, skis that were not always comfortable with the Mountains.

Upgrades for the TLT 6 Performance.

  • Wider last! Have I mentioned that yet?
  • Warmer more comfortable liner. I ruined 2 pairs of the old mountain liners and my feet froze
  • Removed the bellows. The 5 had a bellows like a tele boot for easier walking, too bad it also really effected the skiing.
  • Much Nicer Buckles: Replacing the old janky buckles with ones borrowed from the Vulcan
  • Included Power Tongue: For the hardest chargers 2 choices of tongues included.

See what Lou has to say at Wild Snow about his first look at the boots (taken right next to me at the shop).

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  • Doug Stenclik
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