Our Backcountry Only Ski Swap is Back

We are taking our ski swap on the road this year, bringing it to Denver, Seattle, Avon and of course our original Carbondale location. We started this awesome event 11 years ago and it has grown every year. Don't miss your chance to upgrade your setup or to get a friend involved in this amazing community. 

Buying used gear is a great way to get into the sport of ski touring, but it is tough to know what to buy. Unlike shopping on the online swaps, at Cripple Creek Backcountry you get a curated collection of current gear, carefully looked over to make sure the gear is safe. We also offer a fully guided shopping experience to work with a ski touring or split-boarding expert to make sure used and closeout gear is right for you. 

If you are selling gear!

This is an incredible time to upgrade your setup as we give you 110% of the money your gear sells for. For example, sell a pair of skis for $500 and we will give you $550 in store credit to be used on new gear. If your garage is already too full you can walk with 70% cash which is 10% higher than our normal consignment rate. The 110% must be used for new and current gear at CCBC before January 1, 2023. At that time, if you have not used the 110% store credit, you will be automatically issued 70% cash. 

With that being said, this event has only succeeded in years past because of the engagement of the community. The more people come to the swap, the better chance you have of getting in the right gear for you at an awesome price.

Help us spread the word and share with a friend

If you plan on attending, please go ahead and fill out our survey so we can have you in the system when you arrive. 

If you are buying gear!

We have 6 boot fitting stations spread out for 1-on-1 attention with our staff.

All gear over $700 will be uploaded to our used gear page for online shopping.


Private used gear consultations all week before the shop. Book now!


ski swap inventory

Some of our inventory from last years Avon Ski Swap


Living in the mountains is a constant cycle. The cycle of the seasons and the cycle of cleaning out the gear closet just to fill it up again. Get stoked for the ski season with gear, beer, and coffee because winter is coming!