New Ski Touring Boots for 2020!

New Ski Touring Boots for 2020!

2020 Touring Boots: Stronger, Lighter... Better
As the cold begins to creep back into the morning air, it’s time to start frothing over all the latest and greatest gear to hit the market. In the world of ski-touring boots, technology is allowing us to travel more efficiently and ski more aggressively than ever before. Stiffer boots are more durable and progressive, while the featherweight options boast improved skiability and ridiculous amounts of cuff articulation. What a time to be alive!

The Maestrale, Hoji, and Hawx boots all receive significant upgrades that improve the downhill performance of these 130 flex offerings, while maintaining their walkability and lightweight construction. On the light weight side of things, companies like Dynafit and Atomic have gone back to the drawing board with completely redesigned TLT and Backland boots while Fischer and Scarpa improve upon the existing Travers and Alien boots. Lightweight boots are now the norm as companies scramble to satisfy the ever growing contingent of weight conscious ski-tourers.

We were testing all spring and summer and have hand-selected a few ski touring boots to look out for in the 2020 season.

Alpine Influence Continues, Without Sacrificing Uphill Performance

Re-Designed Cuff = Whole New Maestrale

After years of service, the Freedom RS is replaced by a beefed up Maestrale boot that walks better and weighs less while providing the same 130 flex. With a redesigned upper cuff, the Maestrale XT boasts the power to drive any ski on the down and the range of motion to tackle the biggest uphill days in the Backcountry. The upper cuff features an alpine esque overlap construction that significantly improves the progressive feel of the boot. Scarpa did away with the ankle strap in favor of a second cuff buckle, a move that improves leverage and downhill feel. While the boot looks and walks similarly to other Maestrale Boots, the downhill performance improves significantly.

Dynafit gives the people what they want

The people have spoken, and Dynafit has listened. Without the speed nose, this boot is compatabile with alpine bindings and automatic crampons. A narrower last (102mm) means a more performance oriented fit and the stiffer 130 flex allows the boot to drive any ski. In short, the Hoji Free offers improved downhill performance while keeping the same revolutionary Ultra-Walk mechanism. Factor in a new liner and you have one of the most exciting new boots on the market.

Check out the full first look on WildSnow!
Hawx line receives a slew of upgrades
Atomic might as well have been tapping our phones, because their upgrades to the Hawx line are spot on with what we had hoped to see. A more powerful and durable liner, updated power strap, and more touring oriented buckle system helps maintain this boots versatility, while greatly improving durability. If you're looking for a one boot quiver, or simply want to charge in the backcountry, the Hawx line can drive any ski, but is still light enough to crush the uphill.

Huge Consumer Appetite for Light and Fast Boots

TLT back in the spotlight

Dynafit went back to the drawing board for their TLT 8 rebuild. Doing away with the wired cuff strap, they re-developed the boots weak points and added a ladder buckle to significantly improve durability. Dynafit's one buckle Ultra Lock 4.0 means transitions are a breeze, and the revolutionary speed nose increases stride efficiency for maximum uphill capability. The Carbonio weighs less than a kilogram, while the expedition weighs a touch more.

The TLT 8 wasn't the only boot in the line to get an upgrade. For the 2020 season, Dynafit is introducing a stiffer and lighter version of their popular Speedfit boot. Perfect for resort touring or hardboot splitboarding, the Speedfit Pro integrates Titanex Fiber into the cuff plastic to increase rigidity and improve downhill performance.

Backland gets a re-design

The Backland boots updated design was developed with three fundamentals in mind: to make the uphill easier, the downhill more enjoyable, and to keep the design as simple as possible. Frictionless pivot and an impressive range of motion means the vertical feet will melt away on your next tour. Revolutionary ProLite construction keeps these boots light while maintaining maximum rigidity for impressive power. Whether its the Backland Carbon or Pro, the redesigned boot from Atomic is an exciting option.

Carbon Sole makes Travers lighter, stronger

Since their introduction in 2017, the Fischer Travers boots have commanded respect among the light and fast boots of the ski-touring world. For 2020, these boots get even better with a Carbon Sole for added torsional stiffness and an 'active cuff' for friction free walking. Sub 1000g and a whopping 80 degrees of cuff articulation, these boots want to take on the biggest mission on your bucket list.

Need help choosing a Touring Boot?

There are certainly more options than ever before, so don't be afraid to reach out and talk ski boots with us. We have expert boot fitters with skills specific to lightweight AT boots and would love to get you dialed in for the season!

Give us a call, browse our entire collection of backcountry gear, or stop in our Vail or Carbondale shops!

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  • Doug Stenclik
Comments 8
  • Cripple Creek Backcountry Creek Backcountry
    Cripple Creek Backcountry Creek Backcountry


    Both the Maestrale XT and Hoji Free will be wider than the Tecnica Zero G. They all fit the same quiver slot of ‘hard charging’ freeride touring boots. Our recommendation would be to get them all on your feet, and see what fits best!

    - Tom

  • Connor

    With these new offerings, what is y’all personal take on each boots?

    How do they compete against the zero g pros by technica. I have been toying between the maestrale xt, hoji free, and the zero g technica.

    I am a c width

  • bob arnot
    bob arnot

    Boots: Currently have the atomic backland and looking for a lighter race boot that is quick in transitions and GREAT on the downhills

    Skis: Have the PDG and looking for MUCH more performance. (Dartmouth and McGill alpine race).

    Love your website!

  • Josh

    It turns out that the lower on the Raceborg is actually the same as the new Sytron. Just has Sportiva yellow paint on the plastic. Both great boots!

  • Andy Pavia
    Andy Pavia

    What is the width of the new Maestrale RS? Are you having luck getting a good fit for those with skinny heels? My old Maestrales required L-pads and still can give me blisters on a long day.

  • Jotham

    Hi, any idea whether the sytron will take a punch? Grilamid is supposed to punch well, but I’m guessing the sytron is thinner than most..

  • Doug

    Hi Josh

    The Raceborg is the same lower as the old Syborg but the liner fits very tight. Make sure you heat mold it before going out!

  • Josh

    Does the Raceborg fit the same as the Syborg?

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