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I've been running a pair of the Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 skins for about a year now on wider touring skis. The skins are now offered in a 120mm wide strip either cut off a roll or pre-fastened with a back fix. Cost of the roll will generally equal the back fix or more after all the extra hardware and labor is acquired.



Ponmoca Race skin


The Race Pro 2.0 pink plush has become a standard on the race circuit with its exceptional glide and the legendary Pomoca glue compounds. This skin has also become a great option for powder ski touring with wider skis. I have been using it with a DPS Wailer 106 Tour1 and Dynafit Beast 108 ski. The grip is plenty until the track gets super slick. I think this is a great option for experienced ski tourers to shave some weight and size while adding some glide without giving up a traditional glue compound.

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Gary Smith



  Picture Credit: @ajmirabito 

December 22, 2018 — Gary Smith
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Ryan Kempfer said:

Hey there. i was asking if anyone is noticing that using the new " no glue " skins such as pomoca our contour if you are seeing a difference with wax? im noticing that these skins are really pulling out the wax after a few uses. Is anyone noticing this? Im using Purl wax and really like it, just curious if others are noticing this.
They sure do work to there hype.

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