PC: Art Burrows

The first half of March 2019 was one for the books. Join us for an informative presentation from CAIC forecaster Kreston Rohrig to re-visit the how and why of this incredible cycle. 

Join us on December 13th 6th @ 6:30pm in Avon for an informative slideshow from Vail/Summit CAIC Forecaster Kreston Rohrig discussing the entirety of the March, 2019 Avalanche cycle. Brian's presentation will cover the factors that allowed this cycle to take place. It will put the 2018/19 season into context by discussing the state of snowpack conditions prior to the major storm event, and why they were so prime to trigger an event of this magnitude. He will then cover the storm characteristics, and the resulting avalanche cycle, before touching on some ongoing work and research we are engaged in as a result of his once in a lifetime event.

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