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Splitboarding 101 With Weston Backcountry

Join us in Carbondale or Vail to enjoy a free informative session about Splitboarding presented by Weston Backcountry.


Learn the ups and downs of splitboarding from the experts at Weston Backcountry. Weston is a Colorado based backcountry ski and snowboard manufacturer that we are stoked to be partnering with this winter. Splitboard 101 is a fun, informational 1.5 hour presentationcovering what splitboarding is, why we splitboard, choosing your first splitboard and bindings, gear selection/packing list, helpful tricks and tips, as well as a basic trip planning workshop utilizing local avalanche forecasting and online mapping software. It also has exciting splitboarding shorts from our team throughout the presentation. Instructors will have free Weston swag for attendees and information on local avalanche education.


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Vail Dec 6, Jan 3, Feb 13

Carbondale Dec 10, Jan 17, Feb 21 

2 Responses

Thomas Bull

Thomas Bull

November 19, 2018

We are working on this!



November 19, 2018

Film it and put it online, for the folks that can’t be there in person.

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