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Stories from Kamchatka: November 8th @ 6:30pm

Join us in Aspen for a night of story telling from AMGA guide Mike Hattrup

If you've never heard of Kamchatka, you are forgiven. Located on the far eastern coast of Russia, just north of Japan, this military zone was off limits to Russian citizens until 1990- let alone foreigners. Boasting stunning snow capped volcanoes that disappear into the Pacific Ocean, this area is truly unique. So unique and stunning that UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site. 

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Kamchatka Volcanoes

Skiing among active Volcanoes is a treasure to behold


Join us in our Aspen shop on November 8th @ 6:30pm to hear 'Stories From Kamchatka'. Mike Hattrup, AMGA certified guide and US Product Marketing Manager will take you on a journey through the heart of fire. Cold beer will be served!

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