Join us for a sunset skin, and moonlit ski on Vail Mountain!


One of our favorite things in the winter time is getting outside on the nights when the moon is full and our mountain valleys are illuminated from above and below. The goal is to start skinning just before dusk so we can enjoy alpenglow on the high peaks and a fiery Colorado sunset before the full moon breaks the horizon. When the Moon comes out, it is remarkable how quickly our mountain valleys light up. Not only does the Full Moon light up the sky above us, but the reflectivity of the snow lights up the ground below our skis. There is something incredibly special about being in the mountains under a full moon and we want to invite you to share the experience with us!

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No matter your ability level, join us this winter for one of our full moon skins. We will gather at our shop in Lionshead at 6pm and depart at 6:30 up one of Vail’s designated uphill routes. Dress warm, bring a headlamp, and enjoy! Afterwards, we will meet back at the shop to warm up and share a cold beer.

We are incredibly lucky to have the support of Vail and we want to be sure to respect their policies so we can continue this amazing relationship!

2019 Dates:
January 20th
Febuary 19th
March 14th
April 19th