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2016-2017 2 buckle ski touring boot guide

2016-2017 2 buckle ski touring boot guide | Cripple Creek Backcountry

2 buckle boots for ski mountaineering

tlt7 carbonioTlt7 performanceThe 5, the 6 and now we got to 7. The TLT7 recharges the line of Dynafit lightweight touring boots. It multiplies from two versions as seen in its previous iterations to 3 choices for 2016-17. If you loved the stiffness of your TLT Performance. It is time to take a step up into the TLT7 Carbonio because the new TLT7-P Features a fiberglass cuff more similar to the PDG. The front lip of the boot is gone so no one will ever confuse that you can put it in a frame binding again, but it does require its own special crampon if steep climbs are your priority.

The Backland Series is Back!

After an extremely successful inaugural year the Atomic Backlands make a return unchanged in design but with a new following that is sure to make these some of the most popular 2 buckle boots out there. The first thing to notice is their fully heat moldable shell making them a comfortable boot anyone can get down on. They also feature a clever zig zag lower buckle that secures the boot and an upper buckle that sits flat under even your skinny jeans when open. The liner can even be washed once you sweat it up proving that Atomic Really did think of everything.

backland regular
backland womensThe Backland rand the Backland Womens may be the ordinary version of the boot but at incredible $649 price point there is not another two buckle boot out there that offers this incredible bang for your buck. All the standard features with none of the frills.


 Backland Carbon


The Backland Carbon At 1150 grams this boot is still incredibly light but featuers a stiffer liner and a much stiffer tongue than the regular Backland. Perfect for the aggressive skier that still knows the value of going fast and light. Taking the tongue out for this boot will improve the touring greatly, but it still does well if you leave it in.


backland Carbon light

The Backland Carbon Light weighs in at an incredible 1050 grams at a 27.0. It has a much flexier tongue that never has to be removed while touring. This is the perfect boot for someone going as light as possible without stepping into an all out skimo boot. Our special hack is adding the included power strap and upgrading the tongue to the Backland Carbon and you have a boot that can do it all.


Scarpa F1 evof1 evo womens ski touring bootThe Scarpa F1 Evo is back after a year hiatus. It has forsaken that pesky "tronic" walk mode and leaves behind the most comfortable and, in our opinion, the best skiing two buckle boot. Did we say 2 buckle? What we mean is 1 buckle and the same Boa system featured in the. We recommend this boot for skiers that need a little more volume in their boot and like the guarantee comfort of an Intuition liner.

La Sportiva brings back their 2.0 collection for the second year with their carbon version the Spitfire, the softer but way less expensive Sideral and the Women's starlet. The biggest two improvements are the high over foot buckle on the instep preventing you from knocking it open or off altogether. La Sportiva also boast the widest fit out of all the super light touring boots and the easiest to use walk to ski mode.