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The Best Ski Touring Boots

The bar for ski touring boots continues to be raised for the 2015-16 season. With more new ski touring boots on the market than ever, we put a preview of all the new alpine touring boots in one place. We have seen innovation at both ends of weight the spectrum so whether you are in to big backcountry lines or endurance ski touring, their is something new and exciting that is about to hit the market. We were lucky enough to get out on all of this gear in the spring and really put it to the test.

Lightweight Ski Mountaineering Boots  

Atomic Backland Boot Series

Atomic Backland Series

 Left to right Backland Carbon Light, Backland Carbon, Backland, Women's Backland

When a ski boot manufacturer like atomic, known for downhill performance, enters the game you know it is time to elevate the levels. The backland series is designed to be light weight yet give you added control and ski performance from your typical ski touring boot. All the boots only come in full sizes, because they feature fully heat moldable shells for added comfort and performance. Their walk to ski mode is flawless and fast for the easiest transition yet, while the lower buckle's lacing system keeps the boot secure without increasing weight. 

The Backland Carbon Light is the lightest and most efficient boot in the series weighing in at a manufacture claimed weight of only 1080 grams. This is almost 20% lighter than other ski mountaineering boots on the market and with a 74 degree range of cuff articulation your longer strides mean fewer steps to the top of the peak.

The Backland Carbonis great for skiers that want to save the weight but still preform on the down. It features a carbon spine, carbon reinforced grilamid shell and harder tongue than found in the Carbon Light Backland. With a slight weight increase it 1161 grams, it still come in lighter than any of the ski mountaineering specific boots that came before. 

La Sportiva Ski Touring Boots 2.0


La Sportiva returns with the Spitfire, Sideral and Starlet boots all with a 2.0. These boots stole the Pegasus buckled from the extremely popular La Sportiva Spectre, moving the buckle up and out of the way of snow and rocks. The shape has also been redesigned to fit a wider range of feet and the removable PU Warmsole makes this boot warmer than other stripped down 2 buckle boots out there. They are also all compatible with the new Ski Trab TR2 as well as traditional tech bindings.



Dynafit radically updated their ski touring boot line for the 15-16 season. The ever popular Vulcan free ride boot, the entire TLT 6 ski mountaineering line, and even the Pierre Gignoux RC5 skimo race boot, all saw at least color updates. The TLT6 Performance introduced the Custom Light liner to North America, where as before it was only being sold in Europe. 

The all new Khion series brings back the alpine overlap and pushes the Freeride niche for Dynafit. This boot is loaded with features. It offers one touch upper cuff buckles to avoid fiddling at the top of peaks, prepunched problem areas in the instep and big toe areas to reduce after market boot work, a new patent lockout system, and Boa in the liner.

The Khion is made from a new lighter and more durable Pebax plastic and Khion Carbon version with a carbon fiber exoskeleton give a boost to power transfer and downhill performance. There is also a pretty in all pink womens version of the boot for the ladies that really want to push the down on their ski touring days. 

Not to be left behind, Salomon burst onto the scene with their first real ski touring boot, keeping true to their roots in the free ride market. The Salomon Mountain lab hits the slopes for the fall of 2015 after years of development. At 1580 grams this boot is in the zone with other freeride focused yet touring specific boots, but with even more focus on the down. Although the "Surelock' walk/ski mode only boast a 47 degree range of articulation, it tours well with just the flick of the switch without monkeying with upper cuff buckle. Leave the "crossover" boots with interchangeable soles behind and switch to the tech binding specific Salomon Mountain Lab.



Check out all the current boots for the 2015-2016 ski touring season!


Weight (gr)


Dynafit PDG


SkiMo race boot at entry level price, but high level performance

Scarpa Alien


Outstanding transition time, ultra light and fast

La Sportiva



Atomic Backland Carbon Light



La Sportiva Spitfire


Racing to big line ski mountaineering, new innovative design 

Dynafit TLT 6


Racing and ski mountaineering, warmer and wider than old TLT5

La Sportiva Spectre


From walk to ski to the buckles a general great design

Dynafit One PX-TF


Good for everything up and down, one boot to do it all

Scarpa Maestrale RS


Stiffer boot for hard changing still tours great

Dynafit Vulcan


Best ski performance, one buckle tour mode, 60 degree articulation

Scarpa Freedom SL


A full on "Freeride" boot with an incredible walk mode.