Avalanches, Mike Foote's Record and Spring Missions: Episode 45

Avalanches, Mike Foote's Record and Spring Missions: Episode 45

The winter that never was, but was still pretty awesome! 

Well after Kalous left us unsupervised for a trade show, we decided it was time to get back to the shop, catch up on the season so far, and put out an episode with real sound quality. Even on a low tide year there is a lot to talk about and some great skiing to be done.

We have learned a lot from doing the show and I remember two things hammered home by our guests. Ted and Christy said repeatedly "you don't know until you go" and Glen Plake said he never had to ski another pow run again. Combine those two pieces of advice and you have the tools to take on the 17 and 18 Colorado season, coming in at around 70% of its average snowfall. If you decide to stay home for a day and miss the chance to go on an epic tour or just slide around on snow while you wait for perfect low density powder, then you are really blowing it. Grab your sticks and get out there!

No season is complete without an avalanche lesson learned and hopefully it is learned with everyone still safe. As covered in the episode here is my repeat offender and the three things I learned. 

  1. Avalanches do break below tree line and propagate through trees and across terrain features.
  2. "Clean and Fill" is not a viable form of avalanche mitigation. Even if it breaks to the ground... it can go again.
  3. I might not personally have the discipline to go "just to look at it".

repeat avalanche

Skiing the bed surface, both skis still intact.


Our friend's photo from a few weeks previous. Look familiar?

We also got into my first "not quite spring" mission of the year to the La Sals over Moab. I have brought my skis to Moab a dozen times with the intention of skiing them and I finally got there. They did not disappoint.

Read the full trip report here

la sals

In real ski touring news, Mike Foote skied and skinned 62,000 vertical feet in a day. I got to meet with Scott Melin to talk about the gear he used from North Face and the first speed suit to be tested in a wind tunnel. Since we love spandex and being nerds these photos are about as good as it gets.

wind tunnel speed suit

I already tagged a Bob Gibson song below so you will have to look up "Bend in his Knees"

Lastly, the first teaser has been planted for our Los Andes traverse or South America 2.0. This is an ambitious project and we are going to be teaming up for some real footage to bring back home. Stay tuned to the podcast and blog for more information as the plans develop. 

Checkout Wildsnow's Redline Traverse for some inspiration!

 los andes traverse

You see that pointy one? We are heading there! Can you guess what its called in Spanish?

Check out Bob Gibson for inspiration and stay motivated! There is plenty of winter left somewhere.

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