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Chris Davenport Protecting our Winters: Episode 6

Chris Davenport Protecting our Winters: Episode 6 | Cripple Creek Backcountry

Chris Davenport, product development and recalls, and POW

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Chris Davenport has been a long time personal hero for Randy and myself. Over the years we have had the chance to mount a bunch of pair of skis for this guy and hear about his latest amazing trip on his way out of town as he grabs a burrito next door. It was amazing to pin him down for this full hour episode where he had no shortage of material.

Chris davenport

As always the Totally Deep Episode guide is not just a recap but supplemental content that you can't find anywhere else, so it is the perfect spot for a story told write after we stopped recording. I was 22 years old and Randy had just convinced me to move up into the valley. This was my chance to live the full dirtbag lifestyle and I lived in many places, but none as special as under a staircase Harry Potter style out in Old Snowmass. It just saw happens that it was right next door to one of my heroes Chris Davenport. As you have heard in constant misadventures from my early days of touring on the show, I felt I was in no position to introduce myself to such an iconic big mountain skier.

Right when I had my courage up to say hello disaster stuck! I lived with a wide variety of young dirtbags including a lifty named Young Geezy (I truly don't remember his real name beyond that). He had a party with all of his lifty friends and one guy got so drunk that after wondering around the neighborhood ended up stumbling in Dav's house and tried to pass out on the floor.

I was so embarrassed I never did go over to the Chris's house and after my subsequent introduction to him I never revealed that I was from that house. Chris's reaction after the show was priceless when I told him that story. He remembered it clearly and recounted it with the same cheerful demeanor that he approaches all life with. In many cases this dude would have ended up with gun up against his face with the police on the way. Chris just firmly escorted him from the premisses and still finds it a funny experience.

In the history of our show it was my biggest regret that we did not capture his reaction to this on recording. I truly believe that some of the best stories we hear from our guests are before and after the show and I have considered wearing a secret mic to capture these moments. Stay tuned for "off the record" highlights in future episodes.

Even more humbling than Chris's endless summits or how successful he has been in the "biz" is his endless stoke for skiing. There is no way you can listen to this guy talk for an hour and not be reaching for your boots and boards. 

He has become over the years one of our biggest FOS (fan of the show). Whenever we are at a trade show he is stoked to bring us from booth to booth telling some of the biggest names and athletes in the business about our little show. He also is not afraid to give some criticism for he knows the chuckle heads than Randy and I truly are. Fortunately, we have many fans out there telling us not to change a thing so we will keep plugging away.

chris davenport on totally deep

If you have a strong opinion about the show or our immature humor leave us a comment and review us oniTunes or Facebook love coming. Lets see some reviews, the funnier the better.

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