Skiing on Mount Rainier and trade show stoke: Episode 4

Skiing on Mount Rainier and trade show stoke: Episode 4

No winter Maintenance, free beer, Mount Rainier and more!

Download Episode 4 of Totally Deep here!

We survived another holiday season at the shop and we are back to give you episode 4 of Totally Deep! In exciting news we are now not only the first and only backcountry specific shop in the country, we are also the only backcountry specific shop to have 6 Colorado beers on tap! Best of all we actually made it legal with our very own liquor license. Next time you are rolling through Carbondale Colorado stop by and grab a beer!

Doug and Randy skiing

What is like to ski with a 50 pound pack on your back? The world may never know, but if I had a nickel for everyone one that thought they did, I would have a lot of nickels. The closest I ever came to this was climbing and skiing on the Liberty Ridge of mount Rainier. All the climbing, ski and camping gear for 3 Nights on the mountain and a circular trip where we were unable to drop any gear really add up. Check out my full blog post on climbing the Liberty Ridge and skiing Mountain Rainier

Also we have some beta for what not to do on Rainier as well as what not to do on Colorado’s own Grizzly peak.

Randy and I both remember our first trade show and man was it exciting. It is even more exciting for the thousands of employees that get to go on the company dime. Being owners and operators of a small touring specific shop, plus podcast hosts,, put some stresses on the carefree travel and excitement of the trade shows, but we still try to give you the behind the scenes at these massive events. If you have a couch we can crash on in Salt Lake City or Denver, hit us up in the comments section at the bottom of the page. The biggest prediction of the trade show: The evolution of Telemark Skiing into a viable and reliable way to enjoy the backcountry! Stay posted for details.

I would give you Randy and I’s dream quiver, but our blog mentor Lou Dawson tells us that won’t stay evergreen on our site. Plus we have to leave you something to wonder and listen to!

The biggest takeaway from this episode has to be the “no winter maintenance” club. It turns out the beard is more than just looks. It keeps your face warm and shows your commitment to the snow gods. If you have a no winter maintenance beard pick give us a hash tag #nowintermaintenance or just #totallydeep.

no winter maintenance

As always keep the stoke alive, leave us a review on iTunes and a like on Facebook. Even better tell a friend to check out Totally Deep Podcast and thanks for listening!

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