Spring Skiing and the Grand Traverse: Episode 8

Spring Skiing and the Grand Traverse: Episode 8

California Drought, Spring Skiing and the Grand Traverse

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If you have been waiting to actually gleam some knowledge from our backcountry skiing podcast, this may be the episode for you? If you were wondering if Global Warming is a thing, it is a thing. California has hit 6%. Not 6% above average but just 6% total in some places. I did a little research and although it is not the worst snowfall in record, it has been about 1200 years since Cali got stomped so bad.

Some Climatologist believe that Colorado will be one of the last holdouts for snow, but I have heard that skiing as a sport could be in complete jeopardy in as few as 50 years. This is not necessarily because snow won't exist in 50 years, but because so much of the ski industry is tied up with Christmas ski sales that if we can't keep skiing in December many business will have to shut down because they will no longer be sustainable. Few people know that Thanksgiving was moved from the last Thursday of November to the 3rd Thursday to increase Xmas shopping by an extra week to stimulate the economy. All I am voting for his to just push Xmas back a month to the end of January. Then we will get an extra month of shopping and everyone can take a ski vacation when they are guaranteed snow. Leave a message at the bottom of the Blog post if you need your problems solved by our science. 

Check out what the national avalanche center has to say about Isothermal snowpack here. It literally means snow pack of the same temperature throughout. This is only achieved by the consistent warming and then freezing of the snow, or if your extremely lucky it snows everyday from November 1st to the end of the year and you will never have an inconsistent layer. Until we live in a perfect winter like this, the spring is when we will always find the safest conditions. 

I am also proud to say I survived the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse again this year. With my partner Meredith Edwards we just missed the podium, but at the same time I did the impossible. I felt good for this entire through the night race. It turns out training ahead of time and eating properly really do make a difference. You can read my race recap here.

elk mountain grand traverse ski race

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