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The Marolt Brothers and 8K Peak: Episode 50!

The Marolt Brothers and 8K Peak: Episode 50! | Cripple Creek Backcountry

Two brothers that take ski mountaineering to the farthest reaches on the planet!


I have been hearing the names Mike and Steve Marolt in the Aspen Valley for years and have been loosely following their ski careers. If there is one thing clear, these guys are motivated ski mountaineers! Although they started in the same Elk Mountain Range as we ski every year they brought their talents to some of the highest peaks around the world in their 30+ years of exhibition skiing. 


Mike and Steve Marolt getting high

It is been a long time since I have frozen myself to sleep in a tent while snow camping on the flanks of a mountain, but after podcasting with these guys, I all but booked my ticket right to the Himalayas. When I skied a 10,000 vertical foot run on Mount Rainere I thought that would be the longest of my life, but when they mentioned Muztagh Ata and the 15,000+ foot run on a 26,000+ mountain I was truely inspired. Plus a mountain where you can get that high with very little technical climbing and keeping your skins on to the summit sounds like a sufferfest I can really get behind.

I am just going to put it out there, if you want to freeze your ass off on a peak across the world I might really put a trip together. Email us at

These 2 guys were inducted into the Ski Hall of Fame and thats the story that has been all the focus for the past 2 years. However, the more I get to know them the more I am impressed by how humble they are and most of all how they are willing to drag their skis up any peak in the world because there is nothing more they love than scratching their way down.

Nichin Kangsar

It has occurred to me that if we are not carrying a bunch of flags on our back, are we ski mountaineering? Mike and Steve on Nichin Kangsar. 

Its a new season of Podcasting and we are promising our soon to be sponsors 2 episodes a month all winter long. If you like what you are hearing subscribe to us on iTunes, tell a friend and most of all tell us to keep going!