Totally Deep Podcast Episode 1 – Cripple Creek Backcountry

Totally Deep Podcast Episode 1

Totally Deep Podcast Episode 1

El Nino, Science, Carbon Fibre, The Slarve.

Listen to episode 1 of Totally Deep here!

Episode 1 features our humble beginnings when we went from podcast listener fanatics to giving back to the community! No guests and no glamor. In the early minutes it does sound a little like we are reading off cue cards, but on the plus side it may be the first episode we actually did research for. 

But n all seriousness Randy and myself have been surrounded by the ski industry and the backcountry world specifically for our entire adult lives and have acquired some of our own various experience. This episode focuses specifically on a few terms that get thrown around the ski touring world. We would almost be tired of hearing about them if you could ever really be tired of too much snow.

El Nino This is a serious topic. We know this because even meteorologist in real places like cities can't stop talking about it. I can hardly remember when El Nino was not thrown around with the wild accusations of how big a snow year it is going to be. Randy and has some actual snippets of Wikipedia Knowledge while I subtly make fun of his research. 

The Slarve I really did think this was a joke being played on us at our first trade show, but apparently its "a thing".  Can you really slide and carve on the same turn? Or does that mean you just can't do either? List to find out. The empirical research I have done shows this is a technique and whether it is officially taught in ski snow or not, DPS skis are fun to shred on. 

Science Have you ever read the specs and statistics of a ski and wish they would just stop with all the jargon? If so then this is the part for you. We could refer to catalogs of features put out by the ski manufactures PR team, or we could just make fun of it a little. Rest assure if you are buying a modern touring ski it has carbon. Whether that carbon is useful or simply in the form of Carbon pixie dust sprinkled on top, well, you will have to decide that for yourself.

Totally Deep Podcast Episode 1

Just remember with El Nino the glass is half fill even if its almost totally empty!

Thanks for checking out episode 1 of Totally Deep Podcast. If you enjoyed listening half as much as we did making it, leave us some love on Facebook or review us on iTunes.

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