Totally Deep Podcast Episode 2 – Cripple Creek Backcountry

Totally Deep Podcast Episode 2

Totally Deep Podcast Episode 2

Early Season Snow, Uphill Policies, Overstoking, Prepping, Skin Track Etiquette.  

Listen to episode 2 of Totally Deep here!

In episode 2 we keep the dream alive as the white stuff starts falling and we get into our early season groove.

Totally Deep Podcast episode 2

Back on the bench and the skis are already stacking up!

The Overstoke- Ski season 2014 is here and we are stoked! Although those first few flurries get are blood racing and our mouth running about the epicness that awaits, early season dangers lurk. Beyond the vicious snow snakes that wait for you just underneath the surface, their is the consistent problem of burning out early. The grass is always greener and the snow is always whiter when you manage expectations. Stay stoked for biking in October and stay stoked for skiing late into the Spring. 

Weak Persistent Layers- You did you burned your skis you worshipped the snow gods and the snow came early. But this is a blessing as well as a curse. Although the snow in the mountains is exciting, the warm temperatures that will spike again will freeze these white flakes in to ball bearings of death when the season actually comes. Pray for snow, but pray for it to come late and everyday without giving those weak layers time to strike. 

Uphill Resort Policies- This is an ever moving target and it something we believe strongly in enhancing. We all wish to be ski mountaineering up remote exotic peaks, but the training grounds are in the safely controlled resorts and under chair lifts. If you want to find out more about a local touring policy from Vermont to Alaska leave us a comment at the bottom of the blog post. Get in touch if you want to fight for your right to uphill around the country.

Early Season Prep- Don't say we never taught you anything. Check out My blog here. The blog post has some helpful hints but the real self deprecating humor lives on the podcast. 

STFU- If you don't know what it means you have still followed an STFU skin track. It may be fun to say, but a more gradual skin track will always mean more turns are in your near future. 

We can't say enough how much we would love podcasting. Give us your feedback on iTunes throw us a bone on Facebook  or stop by the mother ship in Carbondale and our new digs in Vail! 

Oh yeah you can Elevate the Levels via voicemail too: 970-510-0450

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  • Doug Stenclik
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  • Ralph Baldwin
    Ralph Baldwin

    Hey Folks, Glad this site exists. I am a local backcountry skier at Hatcher Pass in southcentral AK. A local group is building a small downhill area with a small chairlift and I am working with them to include backcountry skiers who have been using the terrain for decades. Would like to make myself aware about uphill policies at other operating resorts in the country. Any links or references you can provide are deeply appreciated! Thanks, Ralph

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