Black Crows Camox Freebird Touring Skis (2022)

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The previous version of the Black Crows Camox Freebird had a zero-carbon design that relied strictly on wood and fiberglass for its core. This was a novel attempt at seeking a traditional ski feel but lead to a ski that was planky and sluggish. Not to mention a 1600 gram weight penalty was a bit ridiculous for a sub 100mm waisted touring ski.

The previous Camox's dimensions were always right for a fast and light setup, but the 1600+ gram weight and plank-like feel kept it from being a good match for big missions in a light boot. In fact, it was only available via special order, not stocked in our stores. We are now incredibly stoked about this ski and you'll see it under our boots a lot, particularly from April through May. Paired perfectly with Black Crow Climbing skins From Pomoca

  • Beauty and simplicity combine to make this ski usable for variable terrain
  • Progressive front rocker with medium camber underfoot and slight rocker in the tail
  • Redesigned lightweight Paulownia core
  • 96mm is the definition of all-mountain with its versatile platform
  • 17m turns for lively, short turns

Customer Reviews

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Noelle R.

Haven’t been able to get out yet

Christian V.

Black Crows Camox Freebird Touring Skis

J C.
One quiver ski

With a 96mm waist and 17m radius this ski feels like an all rounder on the mountain. Just the right amount of rocker to float up in variable snow but hold on to hard pack. Feels neutral from a stance input. I did not weigh them but light enough for efficient touring and still being fun to ski anywhere.

Mike F.
Huge weight advantage

New to touring, so that's my lens here. Live the skis, and the light/quick feel is wonderful on the ascent for sure. Skiing wind slab and chop, found that lightness makes them a bit chattery on descent. Trade-off I'm happy with given relative time up/down.

Steve S.
Cripple Creek

New to sport so I don’t have much to compare to. But my experience there was great and the gear is exactly as promised, they were very detailed asking me my skill level intended use budget etc. and I think they set me up perfectly thank you guys.

Nick G.

Black Crows Camox Freebird

Nancy M.
Loving my new skis

Hoping to get some new snow to play in but so far they have been great on early morning Cresta trips

David F.

Skis. Boots. Bindings. All perfect. Thank you for the great assistance and set up.

Stephen G.
Ask a Question: See my review above.
Camox Freebird

So far almost all skiing has been inbounds, groomers here in the midwest. Utah trip coming up. This is also my first AT set up so can't compare apples to apples. That said ski is very nimble, holds speed well considering how light it is. Can put it up on edge and carve decently; does well in the bumps. Doesn't quite have the pop/energy I am used to with a traditional alpine ski. Not sure if that's a function of the this ski or AT skis in general. It is a minor critique.
Anxious to get it out in its intended environment and in powder. Side note: So far Solmon MTN bindings have been great. Not a single pre-release. Cant tell really any difference from a traditional alpine binding in terms of on snow feel/performance; so 2 thumbs up on that.