Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot

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Why We Like the Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot

The much anticipated dream touring boot is finally here, the Hoji Pro tour!

This is the boot the breaks away from all others. Dynafit worked tirelessly with Eric Hjorleifson to bring this boot to market. With outstanding ski capability and an effortless walk mode, the Hoji is the boot that will change the idea of how ski touring should be. 

A one-lever walk mode pops you into a fully-free pivot motion which feels similar to many of the rando race boots and ultralight offerings on the market. The forward motion is virtually limitless, while the rearward motion is more than enough for even the flattest of roads. The one buckle system is what makes this boot your one-boot touring option. In addition, the Hoji uses the Speed Nose technology to deliver a more natural and smoother step when skinning. 

As for the down, the main reason we want this boot, the Hoji brings a new definition to quick transition stiff boots. In combination with the walk mechanism, the Hoji is smooth between uphill and downhill, and maintains its stiffness with very little behind the inner workings. The Hoji Lock Mechanism is a revolutionary turning point in how stiff a touring boot can be and still feel effortless when hiking. 

Coming in at 1450 grams in Size 27, this boot is light and fast, and made with a full head to toe Grilamid® build. The design is durable and stiff and will hold up the test of time. 

  • One-quiver boot for balanced uphill/downhill performance
  • Singular lever for quick transition between ski and walk mode
  • 120 flex powers every mission
  • Higher volume toe box of 103.5mm to fit a wide range of feet
  • 55 degree cuff articulation for incredible range of motion while touring 
  • 11 degree forward lean
  • Pomoca Climb Sole, Custom Light Liner, and Grilamid shell for grippy, comfortable, and robust construction
  • TLT (Tech) binding compatible

Customer Reviews

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Edward E.
Bugger shell size

I upgraded from a hoji px 27.5 to the hoji Free tour in 28, seems to be the charm, fit is great right out of the box, great price and fast ship service

Peter T.

I appreciated all the help in purchasing the boots

Garrett Z.
Big upgrade

I previously skied on a pair of Dynafit Mercury TF boots and after the 2nd set of liners went I started looking at the Hoji Pro Tour and Scarpa Maestrale XT. I wanted to try something new with the Scarpa but the Dynafit just fit better for me. I've gotten 3 tours in on these so far and they're a huge improvement on the Mercury boots I came from. They tour incredibly well and I'm starting to get used to the slightly different stance for skiing them. The range of motion for touring is awesome. I don't feel my foot moving around or have to worry about laces loosening like on my Mercurys. They feel like they can be skied hard for how light they are as well (skiing on Moment Underworlds w/ Fritschi Vipec EVO 12 bindings). I had a little ankle pressure initially with them but that seems to have gone away now and I don't have any sore or hot spots from touring/skiing. I have considered maybe getting the spoiler to adjust the lean angle further forward but decided to hold off until I get more time in on them. For those not aware apparently you have to drill out rivets to install those...not something I'm quite ready to do with a brand new pair of boots yet. Overall I'm really happy with the boots so far and am looking forward to getting more time in on them. Thanks to Cripple Creek for get me fit with these and also being flexible in allowing me to come pick up my skis and boots outside of normal hours!

Dustin P.
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Boot

The guys at Cripple Creek really I knew what they were talking about and helped me out with my boots. With the orthotics and the custom molding my feet have yet to hurt in them while skiing all day. I highly recommend the boots for the comfort and quality and absolutely love them so far. They had also mounted my Dynafit Rotation 12 bindings to my news DPS skis. Which makes everything the perfect set up in my mind.

Greg O.
Ask a Question: Can this be resolved? The boots were way too expensive to not fit perfectly...
Boots way too small

Unfortunately I have to give the boots a low rating purely because they’re way too small. I allowed the fitting of what felt boots that were crushing my feet but was ensured they’d stretch out. Well, complete mistake. It basically ruined the tour I went on and the intense pain of having my feet literally smashed was ridiculous. Even with the insole taken out and the boots completely unstrapped they were still unwearable. I’ll need bigger boots or these boots drastically punched out.

Clark C.

I haven't been able to use the new equipment yet.

Sean d.
Super happy - but took some work

Great skiing boot, light on the uphill. Not for anyone looking to “just cruise” as this boot is pretty stiff. At first there was a lot of volume but was able to take that away with some felt spacers from Surefoot And now fits like a glove and are super comfy!

Dave E.

Light weight and super comfortable! Never any problems with blisters or hot spots. Incredibly easy And comfortable to walk in.

Diarmuid O.

Toe box is too narrow. Concerning because I have a relatively standard size foot. Attempts to punch it out have been only marginally successful.

Chris H.
Dynafit Hoji Pro Ski Boot

Im a normal snowboarder but I've now used these boots 5X now, fits great skinning up the mountain, no blisters, walks like sneakers on the flats. I’ve skinned up aspen mountain several times with these. Only down side is locking them up and skiing down, only then do the boots feel very narrow and my feet have fallen asleep every time, but I’m also still breaking them in, so I expect/hope this will change over time.