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Technology changes rapidly in the Touring world. While we love the newest and best thing around, some older items can still stand the test of time. So whether you are in love with a boot that Scarpa no longer makes, or a just looking to put together a set-up without breaking the bank, we have you covered. 

Take a look at all the discounted items we have at Cripple Creek, and give us a shout with any questions about what may have improved in close-out items. 

DPS Pagoda Tour 87 C2 Ski
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 Ski
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP Ski
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 Ski
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Piste 94 C2 Ski
$1,299.00 USD
DPS Zelda 106 Alchemist C2 Backcountry Ski
$999.00 USD $1,299.00 USD
DPS Yvette 100 RP Alchemist Ski
$999.00 USD $1,299.00 USD
La Sportiva Vapor Svelte Touring Ski
$999.00 USD $1,200.00 USD
Kastle TX82 Touring Ski
from $649.99 USD $849.00 USD
Dynafit Hoji PX Womens Boot
$599.95 USD $699.95 USD
DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Ski
$599.00 USD $799.00 USD
DPS Foundation Wailer 106 C2 Ski
$599.00 USD $799.00 USD
Salomon MTN Explore Women's Boots
$539.00 USD $725.00 USD
La Sportiva Synchro Touring Boot
from $350.00 USD $759.00 USD
Kastle FX85 Ski
from $449.00 USD $899.00 USD
Marker Tour F10 Ski Touring Binding
$349.95 USD $399.95 USD
Dynafit Speedfit Pro 81 Touring Ski
$349.00 USD $449.00 USD
Fischer Verticalp Race Ski
$250.00 USD $999.99 USD