Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • The alpine style heel maximizes power transfer for powerful skiing
  • Three riser heights with flat, 7 degrees, and 13 degrees allow you to find the most efficient stride on any slope
  • Carbon fiber reinforced toe piece provides superior performance and durability in a lightweight package
  • Adjustable vertical and lateral release ensures consistent and safe release
  • Description

    The Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Binding is designed for lighter-weight ski tourers who still demand all-out skiing performance with a full set of touring features for big days in the mountains. With its alpine style heel for maximum power transfer, vertical and lateral adjustable release for added safety, and 3 climbing heights for comfort, the Kingpin 10 is ready to charge.

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    Why We Like the Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Binding

    The Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Binding is built for ski tourers that want to push their backcountry skiing to the next level while still remaining efficient and comfortable on the skin track. Designed with lighter-weight chargers in mind, the Kingpin 10 features a vertical and horizontal adjustable release from 5 to 10. Featuring the alpine style heel, this binding is ready for big freeride terrain providing all the power transfer you need to go big. To keep you comfortable on the skin track, Marker was able to keep the weight down to 695g while still including 3 riser heights (0, 7 degrees, and 13 degrees). While pushing your limits on touring bindings can sometimes be worrying, the Kingpin ensures lasting durability and stiffness with their Carbon reinforced toe piece. Whether you're splitting your time between the resort and backcountry or you just want to go all out while earning your turns, the Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Binding is made for you. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Wiliam M.
    Great binding

    Heavier on the uphill but the feeling of being locked in in the heel is great

    James Y.


    William S.

    Have loved it !!