Dynafit W TLT8 Expedition CR

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The TLT8 Expedition women's was has been overhauled for the 2020 season. If you are looking to shave some time off each lap in the backcountry while still maintaining power and control in a touring boot, the TLT8 is the ideal tool. Updated with a new cuff buckle, the TLT8 will excel in maintaining durability and rigidity for the life of the boot. The TLT8 has also been updated with a 103mm last that will help to fit most foot sizes comfortably while still remaining snug. 

Dynafit reworked their entire TLT line for the 2020 season by breaking down the boot's weak points and improving where necessary. The first step was doing away with the wired cuff strap and adding a ladder buckle to increase the durability of the TLT8. This allows the Expedition to withstand a much higher force when reaching down on the cuff for optimal stiffness and fit.

The TLT8 still features the 1 buckle system, the Ultra-Lock 4.0, to make it easy to go from walk to ski mode in a matter of seconds. the Speed-nose that is not new to Dynafit's line helps create a more natural feel when skinning up the track. And finally, the Pomoca rubber sole allows you to walk and climb over any obstacle in your path.

  • Lightweight, efficient touring boot that excels on the up and still maintains power and control on the down
  • Singular lever for easy transition between walk and ski mode
  • 60-degree cuff rotation for an incredible range of motion 
  • 15-18 degree forward lean
  • Pomoca Climb sole, Custom Ready insole, and Grilamid/Fiberglass shell for superior grip, comfort, and durability
  • TLT (Tech) Compatible

Customer Reviews

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michaela Schnieder

Love the boots and all the gear - most of all JP’s customer service. Thanks!

Michael Brodsky
Love these guys

Great service, great products

Amanda Mehler Tamis
Amanda Tamis

You were all so helpful!!! My skis, and boots are perfect! Thank you so much!!!

Comfortable, lightweight, awesome!

These boots have changed my perspective on what touring boots can be - I've been using BD Quadrant boots that were passed down to me, and it's always been a struggle to motivate to wear them because my feet feel sloppy in them and I get blisters like crazy. It got to the point where I stopped touring for a full season! I decided I couldn't spend another winter like this, so I went to Cripple Creek and they suggested the TLT 8 Expedition Women's because I have wide forefeet and I wanted something somewhat light. This boot has been perfect for me - it fits my feet well, super comfortable to tour in, and it feels stiff in ski mode so I'm able to descend well in tough terrain. The two buckle design is ideal, because the instep buckle locks my heel in place. If you like to go uphill and want to do it efficiently, but still want a boot that can hold its own for the down, the TLT 8 Expedition is where it's at!!

Mike Poleto
Great for long tours and comfy!

I really enjoy both the fit of this boot and how it skis! I have very tricky feet and finally found a boot that fits me in the right places. I also love that the top buckle and walk mode initiate from the same step during transitions! I took this on a hut trip last winter and it really made it quicker and easier on transitions. First boot I've used that doesn't have the toe lip and I'm told the reason I'm walking so much easier is because the tech placement is farther back which makes walking more fluid. Love it!!