Fritschi Tecton 12 Touring Binding

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Looking for a binding that allows you to charge down any hill without the weight of a frame binding? Look no further than the new Tecton 12.  Coming in at 550g (per binding) and DIN certified, the Tecton 12 has an Alpine inspired heel lock and lateral toe release. It is sure to be one of the safest, lightest bindings out there. It's easy-to-use format allows for easily adjustable risers while in walk mode, and the ability to free the heel without releasing your toe first.  Or vice-versa, from walk mode straight into ski mode with just the flip of a lever on the heel tower.

Combining the pin toe system and a heel tower with downward and forward pressure saves weight and makes this binding more efficient then ever.  It also will be an comfortable switch for anyone looking to convert to A/T from Alpine, being very user-friendly as well as secure for those who aren't yet comfortable with a full tech setup.

Customer Reviews

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Alexis C.

It's a bit more involved to operate, but it's worth it and seriously amazing on the downhill, it's game changing compared to my previous pin bindings.

The only thing don't quite get though, is that on the uphill, while the toes are fully locked, sometimes the toe piece open up and my boot comes off when side hilling and if rotation stress is applied. This is really not great, but I still have to investigate more to make sure this is a failure mode or a feature.

Bob K.
Franchi Tectons

Thanks for teaching out. I’m having some trouble with the heals pre releasing. I turned up the din 1, but they come out at some inopportune times. Any suggestions?

Mary E.

Fritschi Tecton 12 Touring Binding

Todd Z.
Excellent Skis and Bindings

I love them!

David Y.
Fritschi Bindings

The bindings and the skins work as advertised and enjoying them. Job well done on mounting them. They are mounted on K2 Wayback, which actually takes getting used to (also on Ski Logik and Solomon Q92 skis), so a bit of a curve. The skins, Pocoma Climb 2.0 are the bomb, but make sure the shop includes the extra tail clips which is advertised as being included (not with mine). Not confident that these plastic pieces won't die a quick demise. In any event, off to AK!

R H.
Solid as a rock

I took these up to A-Basin for a first look. These bindings have no slop. Completely solid. They are mounted on a pair of Rossi Blackops Apineer's with Scarpa MAESTRALE's boots. This setup is almost as snappy as my downhill gear. I'm still getting used to the entry system but once the boots were in, these bindings were solid and incredible on the descent. Took them on a short skin tour on pretty tame terrain. They worked as expected with no surprises (a good thing). Very happy with them so far.

J L.B.
tecton 12

Easy to use and skis great

Jason G.

They are greasy!

Nicholas B.
First Dedicated Touring Set Up

I haven't skied any other touring bindings but transitioning from a frame alpine binding to the Fritschi Tecton has been a dream. The binding has preformed great, it's simple to use and it is nice to have the security and comfort of a tradition heel piece.

Papa B.
Best touring bindings on the market

While they have their quarks at times, these bindings are the best ski to tour ratio on the market. You can take them anywhere, ski anything, and climb anything. High recommend. Thanks Cripple Creek!

Glad you are digging the Tectons. They are definitely a staff favorite for skiing hard without paying the weight penalty of bigger bindings that shall not be named!