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From your fitness skins at your local resort to the biggest peaks around the world, we have the gear to get you up and down. Now we are offering a full suite of support to prepare you for your next big adventure.

Coaching and Consulting

From races to big mountain objectives we have coaches that will set you up with individual training plans so you are ready. This is more than just telling you what you should be doing to get strong. Our coaches have a wide range of experience to make recommendations on fun and exciting yet logical objectives to take your ski mountaineering or racing to the next level

Meet Our Ski Coaches


Mike and Steve Marolt

If high altitude or exhibition ski trips are your style, then Mike and Steve have endless experience to share. By staying true to themselves and finding peace at 26,000 feet, these Aspen twins became the country’s most accomplished ski mountaineers.

The climbing exploits of Mike and Steve Marolt, identical 53-year-old twins from Aspen, place them in an elite fraternity of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers.

Adhering to an old-school “pure style” – without the aids of supplemental oxygen, altitude drugs and porters – pushes these achievements to an even loftier level.

Joe Howdyshelll

Whether you are going for your first ski race this season, an elite level athlete, or just generally trying to improve your ski touring fitness, Howdyshell is your man!

Joe “Pale Thunder” Howdyshell grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming competing in cross country running, cross country skiing, and track. ... A professional coach since 2006, Joe founded the Summit Endurance Academy in 2013 to facilitate athletic achievement in the Colorado High Country.