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22 Designs Lynx NTN Telemark Binding

22 Designs is pushing the envelope once again, but this time in favor of the gram counters that have been calling for a lighter, better touring NTN binding that still has the durability that they are known for. The Lynx has done it, finally a pin-tech tele binding made in the USA and made with more metal than plastic. But why fold and use those pins holes you have been staring at for years on your NTN boots? Because when you tour with pins you have a zero resistance pivot where the only eight you are lifting is your boot. When its time to go down the back touring catch locks you in and gives you greater control than any of its predecessors. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Waiting for snow but wildly enthusiastic

Totally impressed with how light weight they are! I ski low so I can’t wait to see how they handle that force. I’ve been enjoying Axle’s for a few years so I have faith in 22D, they put the Bomb in Bomber.


22 Designs Lynx NTN Telemark Binding

Addition to previous review

As last year was the maiden voyage of this binding there were links to be worked out. Turns out the spring tension on some toe pieces was a little “lazy” and the pins didn’t seat hard into the fittings on the boots.

22D rectified the problem with a set of new toes pieces and it was a major difference straight off.

Great company and great support. 👍🏽

Hi Andy, thanks for the kind words and the great review and of course doing the hard research of using the first season of a new Tele binding. The Outlaw to the Outlaw X had some refinements and since the first year those bindings have been crushing it for us. I am excited to see 22 Designs step it up for the second season of the Lynx!

22D Lynx Binding -- best telemark binding ever?

As telemark bindings became heavier and more powerful over the years, something fundamental about the turn was lost. The "touch", the "feeling" of the tele turn just wasn't the same. That's all changed with the Lynx. Light, powerful AND highly sensitive. The great feeling of the Tele turn is back. Loving this binding.

Great binding.

At first I had some trouble getting into the tech toe. Everybody does. It got much easier after a few tries. I also had to learn to really clear out the inserts before engaging downhill mode.

Eventually I figured out that just pressing the studs into the tech fittings on my boot helped them seat 100% and after that experienced no pre-release issues and didn’t lock the toes out.

They have more lateral edge control than my Outlaws with standard springs on pre-load 4, and feel more active with the 3 slic pin setting and no spacers (small binding size). Touring they were great. Light, easy to more from tour to ski mode and no icing problems.

Pretty happy!