ATK C-Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • 12mm of elastic travel ensures retention for larger impacts.
  • Cam Release heel provides easy step-in in deep powder and at higher release settings.
  • Magnetized heel riser stays put on the skintrack.
  • Available in 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm, and 120mm brake widths for a perfect fit on your favorite ski.
  • Description

    The ATK C-Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding is a new binding in the Raider family from ATK designed to provide all mountain performance at an astonishing 305 grams per bindings.  With its carbon design to minimize weight, elastic response to handle hard-charging skiing, and user-friendly functionality, this binding is a hot seller and perfect for the backcountry skier who wants to travel fast and charge hard.

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    Why We Like the ATK C-Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding

    The new 'carbon' toe piece is the center piece of this new binding. Made out of 7075 aluminum and 30% carbon reinforced composite material, this toe piece reduces weight while still offering the same performance and stability you expect from an all-mountain binding. 

    The heel piece is identical to the Raider 12 binding. It features ATK's CAM RELEASE SYSTEM® providing you impressive boot retention, an easy step in, and downhill performance you typically only see in heavier bindings. The C-Raider 12's heel piece offers an adjustable 5-12 release with ATK's ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM®, which provides 12mm of elastic travel. This ensures boot retention even when you hit a large compression. This heel piece goes above with the MAGNET HEEL FLAP SYSTEM®, offering five different touring riser heights (Flat, + 27,5, + 30,+ 44, + 49 mm) to optimize traction on any skin track. The heel piece has 25mm of adjustment, giving you the flexibility to use multiple boots. The brake system is independent of the heel tower, making this binding extremely user friendly. 

    The ATK C-Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding sets a new weight class standard for all-mountain bindings, providing excellent skiing performance, touring efficiency, and user friendly features that new users and experienced backcountry enthusiasts alike can enjoy. 

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    Mike P.
    Light AND strong

    What if you could have multiple slightly different versions of a binding, dependent on who you were? ATK has a different Raider for specific uses and knocked it out of the park. The Carbon Raider uses carbon infused plastic in the toe, saving crucial weight on a binding in the freeride class. Simplicity in the heel with a tried and true design grants confidence and reliability in the backcountry in all conditions!