Black Crows Anima Freebird Touring Ski

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The Anima is the most modern and playful powder ski in the Black Crows Freebird line. This touring ski is designed to handle the deepest of days in style. The full tip and tail rocker allow you to pivot and slash while camber and mini sidewalls give them the stability to open it up in the run out.

Black Crows built the Anima Freebird with a lightweight Paulownia and Poplar wood core and glass and carbon fiber reinforcement layers. The real key to a powder ski for a skier who spends a decent amount of time in the air or slashing surfy turns is longitudinal flex. This allows you to distort the ski and keep balanced while landing and changing directions on the ski, where as a really stiff ski will buck you in to the back seat or over the handle bars. The Anima Freebird nailed it on the appropriate flex for playful and style-y powder skiing.

If your ideal skiing is touring for pillows and cliffs and surfing in deep blower pow near and below tree line, the Anima Freebird is the ski. The Anima was designed to be light enough to get up to the deep untouched and run multiple laps, while keeping the priority on a playful stylish descent.

  • Most modern and playful ski in the Freebird line designed to ride the pow in style
  • Full tip and tail rocker for good control and pivot
  • Paulownia-Poplar Core with Mixed Glass-Carbon Laminate and ABS sidewalls for durability and shock-absorption
  • Awesome longitudinal flex for powder skiing
  • 115mm underfoot to keep you riding high
  • 21m turn radius

Customer Reviews

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spencer ray
Rare review of Anima Free Bird

I have a background guiding both mechanized and human power. I am a passionate backcountry skier who lives in the mountains for skiing. I feel this ski will work fine for a singular purpose powder ski. The Anima skis predictable soft snow well. The ski turns and pivots quickly providing a surfy feel in predicatble soft snow. For anyone seeking a ski which can provide stability in any other conditions I would look elsewhere. This ski is not meant to be driven hard and is not meant for powerful skiers. So if you want a playful singular focus untracked pow ski and you don’t consider yourself a high speed charger. The Anima Free Bird is a good choice. If you want a Big Mountain style touring ski for hard charging pow and what ever else you will find out there, look elsewhere. I feel there are better skis in the big mountain class in the same weight range of 1800-2000 grams per ski.

Rock on freebird

Very playful, lightweight ski with amazing versatility. Doug was very helpful in guiding my decision and with the sizing. I'm 6'1" 190lbs and went with the 188 cm ski which works very well considering the amount of rocker. I put Dynafit Beast 14s on and can't believe how responsive and just plain fun these skis are. My first time out was at Wolf Creek with ~13" of fresh powder. The anima freebird was a blast going through the thick stuff and very easy to turn. I was a little skeptical about taking these on the groomers or hardpack but the crows responded just fine and could, surprisingly, carve some nice arcs. I did not notice any chatter at high speed like other reviewers observed. I did a bit of frontside skinning and loved how light these things are compared to my old NTN tele touring setup. Anybody want to buy an old NTN tele touring setup?

Anyway, I'm hoping we get some snow in NM but this ski seemed to be able to handle everything thrown at it regardless.