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Black Crow Oxus Poles

A match made in heaven when it comes to backcountry poles. Designed to be lightweight and durable to get you through short touring in the backyard or long days, deep in the mountains. The extended handle allows for comfort when on uneven ground and side-hilling your way up the skin track. The wrist strap was designed around a harness system to give extra grip when pushing your way up the mountain.  


Grip: 38cm Foam Eva

Material: Anodised aluminum

Weight: 215 g / pole @ 115cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
best backcountry pole out there. and that euro style!

These are the best poles out there because they're durable, lightweight, simple, and utilitarian. A fixed-length pole is by far the best option for the backcountry because it's far less likely to break to cause mechanical issues that adjustable poles always seem to fall into. The pole straps are easily removable for those that like the chopstick style pole. I personally think it's far more efficient touring uphill with a pole strap so I keep them on. The powder baskets are full-sized to help with stabilizing kick turns. The poles are aluminum so they bend rather than exploding on impact (cough cough...carbon). I also think there is a lot of merit to eliminate unnecessary decision making (what length should I have my poles at today? Should I change the length for the up or the down? Are my poles the same size?) so you can free up that mental space more more important cognitive processes like staying alive in avalanche terrain. That's all. These poles rock. They also have the rad euro-style grips for steep skiing which I like.