Black Diamond 7.9mm Rope (Dry)

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The 7.9mm Black Diamond rope is the ideal tool for long extended alpine routes and bad weather that won't leave. The Half/Twin rope is an extremely durable piece of equipment, and with a dry treated core and sheath, you feel protective for countless climbs back to back. The 7.9 contains a resistant 2X2 weave construction that will add countless more days to your rope's life. The 7.9 is designed as a half/twin rope that must be used as such, not as a single rope like most 9.0 diameter ropes. 

  • Rope Type :  Half/Twin
  • UIAA Factor Falls :  6 [Half] 16 [Twin]
  • Weight Per Meter :  39 g (1.38 oz)
  • Static Elongation :  6.7% [Half] 7% [Twin]
  • Dynamic Elongation :  34% [Half] 32% [Twin]
  • Impact Force :  5.4 kN [Half] 7.8 kN [Twin]
  • Sheath :  Dry 2X2 Woven Sheath
  • Sheath Slippage :  0%
  • Half Mark :  Yes

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Michael P.
Sick for multipitch!

Picked up a few of these bad boys for a multi pitch in RMNP trip. They were PERFECT and i'm pumped they're rated as both twin and half ropes. Twin 7.9mm's is the way to go for sure.