Black Diamond Camalot X4 Offset

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With the same durability, design, and outstanding performance as the Camalot X4, the X4 Offset reaches placements no other cam will. With it's non-uniform lob construction, the X4 offset will allow you to place gear in any uneven crack your heart desires. The X4 offset ranges from .1 all the way to .75 allowing for a magnitude of different options. No longer will you stare down those nasty run outs where most traditional gear doesn't suffice. the X4 Offset single axle structure is durable and reliant, allowing for a smooth and quick placement. Like any of the Black Diamond Camalots, the X4 Offset comes with color coded Dyneema slings to allow quick access from your harness or rack.

Size Weight Strength Range
.1/.2 53 g (1.9 oz) 5 kN (1,124 lbf)
8.4-13.8 mm/9.9-16.5 mm (.33-.54 in/.34-.65 in) 
.2/.3 64 g (2.2 oz) 6 kN (1,349 lbf) 
9.9-16.5 mm/12.4-21.2 mm (.34-.65 in/.49-.83 in) 
.3/.4 78 g (3 oz) 8 kN (1,798 lbf)
12.4-21.2 mm/15.5-26.2 mm (.49-.83 in/.61-1.05 in) 
.4/.5 86 g (3.1 oz) 9 kN (2,023 lbf) 

15.5-26.6 mm/19.8-33.7 mm (.61-1.05 in/.78-1.33 in) 

 .5/.75 101 g (3.5 oz)
9 kN (2,023 lbf) 
19.8-33.7 mm/24-41.2 mm (.78-1.33 in/.94-1.62 in)

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yancy g.
absolutely satisfied

y’all had exactly what i needed, the purchase was easy, shipping was fast, prices were better than the big guy’s. offset cams are a must in east tennessee and western north carolina. 👍🏼👍🏼