Black Diamond Expedition 3 Ski Poles (Closeout)

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One of the hardest cruxes of ski mountaineering expedition travel is getting everything in the duffel and through the airport. Thankfully, the wizards at Black Diamond know a thing or two about expeditions and have designed the Expedition 3 Ski Poles to meet those specific needs. The pole has two FlickLock Pro locations allowing for maximum adjustability on the trail or in the garage allowing the pole to fit inside any duffel or backpack. Depending on the terrain, the pole has a powder basket or trekking basket and the extended foam grips allow you better support whether you are booting a couloir or navigating loose scree at 19,000'. One of the neatest designs is the extended hook on the upper grip to enable pulling up buckles or picking items up to prevent you from lowering down with a huge load. The aluminum construction is burly and can withstand years of abuse. Truly, these poles will outlast the lightweight competition. What you sacrifice in a few ounces you gain in a few years. If something were to go wrong, these poles are also easy to repair in the field. With the Expedition 3 pole you won't think twice about what poles you will bring on your next huge trip because they will be there year after year. 

Weight Per Pair: 520 g (1lb 2oz)

Materials: 100% Aluminum Shaft

Grip: Extended Foam Grip, Sturdy Hook on butt of Pole for easy Binding Adjustment 

Strap: Ergonomic and easily Adjustable 

Basket: 100 mm (4 in) Compact Powder Baskets

Adjustmet: Dual FlickLock Pro Adjustment with 68cm of Adjustment 

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Adam C.
Ask a Question: Can I bring the poles in to Highlands one day and see if ya'll can help me get the baskets on correctly?
Effective, But With One Drawback

I must be doing something wrong... I had tried, both on mountain and off, to get the snow baskets screwed on securely and effectively, but to no avail. The poles are great, once I tightened the adjustable screws, the clamps and adjustment worked great for my splitboard adventure, and they collapse nicely. However, the baskets were so frustrating to me on the tour that I took them off and went basket-less. There has to be something I am doing wrong, but until I figure it out, it's the fly in the ointment of an otherwise great product.