Black Diamond Guide Finger Gloves

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I want warm hands! I also want dexterity! What the heck am I supposed to do?!?

Well, dear customer, have you tried these sweet gloves that keep you warm like a mitten but have the dexterity of a glove?

We are talking about the Black Diamond Guide Finger gloves, of course! They took their warmest ski gloves and split off that pointer finger so you can manage those ski-related tasks that only a glove can handle!

They wrapped the whole package in 100% waterproof and breathable GoreTex as well as including GoreWarm for extra insulation. On the palm, they added goat leather for softness and comfort and used a woven nylon shell to make these puppies last as long as your longest work days!

When the going gets really rough, they even added a suede nose wipe on the thumb. Because where else are you gonna use to wipe that stuff out of your beard??

The Guide Finger glove, for those long, cold work days when not any old glove or mitten will do!

The Guide Finger glove is available in three colors: Ash, Black or Natural and in sizes from XS-XXL.

Weight Per Pair :  340 g (12 oz)
Temperature Range :  -31/-12 °C (-25/10 °F)

Customer Reviews

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Warm, But Not Warm Enough For Me

I’m 65 and have a problem with cold fingers when skiing, even in moderate temperatures in the mid 20s. I have used a pair of heated gloves the last year and a half, but they recently quit working. Not good when they cost $450. So, I bought these gloves because they are rated to -20 degrees. I used them for the first time skiing yesterday in 10 degree, foggy weather. The gloves are big and bulky due to all the insulation. I’m thinking this is good. The mitt part of the glove kept my fingers toasty, but my index finger was frozen cold all day and my thumb was a little cold, but not like my index finger. I was a bit disappointed. The gloves are well made and a quality product, so hopefully will work better when temperatures return to more normal mid-20s for my area.