Black Diamond Helio Carbon 104 Alpine Touring Ski

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The Black Diamond Helio Carbon 104 Alpine Touring Ski is a midwinter dream: slash powder turns left and right, hop through deep snow like a snowshoe hare, and all that with enough energy for another lap. The Helio Carbon 104 has an optimal use of 70% soft snow, 30% hard snow, making this a great ski for everything pre-spring and post-fall.

The Helio Carbon Series has an engineered paulownia wood core layered with a bidirectional carbon fiber/fiberglass weave. The bidirectional layup and lightweight wood core create a playful, responsive touring ski foundation. Add full ABS sidewalls for dampening, PTEX 4500 bases for added durability, and titanal mounting plates for binding retention and you have yourself a Helio Carbon 104. The rounded tip and ABS protected tail allow for traditional climbing skin attachment components.

The Helio Carbon 104 has a progressive 15/75/10 profile with a 15% rockered spoon tip, a 75% mild camber underfoot, and a 10% semi-rockered tail. The ample tip and tail rise paired with a smooth flex and torsional stiffness make this ski feel like a soft snow surfboard, able to slash and slide through soft snow until your legs can't take anymore. If you want a ski that will be the most fun option out there until spring arrives, look to the Helio Carbon 104. Your ear-to-ear smiles will be ample proof that you made the right choice. Those devious, snow-spraying turns of yours will also be great evidence.



184 cm 132-104-118 mm R 23.0 m

178 cm 131-104-118 mm R 22.0 m (1450 grams / ski)

172 cm 131-104-118 mm R 21.0 m

166 cm 130-104-117 mm R 20.0 m


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Todd Sandler
Not necessarily my jam...

The Helio Carbon 104’s -The are super light, and I’m convinced I bought the wrong size. That said, they are great for uphill, but downhill, not so much. They don’t really float that well. They are super chattery on a cat walk. I’m 5’9 and 210 lbs. It’s just not enough ski for me- but for someone else- they just might be perfect!