CAMP Crest Touring Shovel

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In competitions where a shovel is mandatory gear, the Crest is the way to go. The polypropylene blade is not as rigid as other plastic blades to prevent bouncing, but this shovel is not designed for digging, rather just to be light for racing. The aluminum alloy shaft is contoured for a solid grip and good rigidity. Best of all, this handled shovel is almost as light as some models without handles!  

  • Randonee Racing
  • The lightest shovel with a handle that is ISMF certified for ski mountaineering competitions
  • Handle slides into blade for packability
  • Fast deployment by pulling on handle
  • Includes carrying bag equipped with straps for lashing to a pack



Weight: 253 g, 8.9 oz
Shaft: 35 cm, 13.8 in
Blade: 20 x 20 cm, 7.9 x 7.9 in


Customer Reviews

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Tyler Newton
The easiest, lightest, cheapest piece of gear for ki Mountaineering Raceing.

This is simply the simplest, cheapest way to drop weight in your pack for Ski Mountaineering Racing. The shovel breaks down and fits in a pack, you will never know it is there and hopefully you will never have to use it. This thing is for Ski Mountaineering Racing only, the only digging it is good for is making sand castles.

Lightweight race shovel

Light shovel for ski-mo racing regulations. I would not want to try and dig a buddy out with this. I use my metal BD shovel most when digging cars out of the snow. Not sure this shovel would even work for that.

Can double as a shovel for building sand castles.