Deeluxe Spark XV Splitboard Boot

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The Deeluxe splitboard boot was designed with big mountain rider Xavier De La Rue. This french snowboarder knows steeps, sending many of the classic and impossibly hard Chamonix descents for the first time on a Split board. But what makes a snowboard boot specifically suited for splitboarding? It needs to be stiff and responsive like any high performance boot, but it also needs to be an all around mountaineering weapon. Deeluxe added in a full protective rubber rand like you would find on any mountaineering boot and a heal ridge for excepting semi automatic crampons to match. The collar of the boot was designed to allow for an extra 5 degrees of cuff articulation than your already comfy resort boots. Best of all these boots are built to hold up in the mountains, from ice climbing to steep technical descents. 

You have your board, your skins, and your new spliboard touring bindings. Now its time to go all the way and get a boot designed for the big mountains.

Customer Reviews

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Cami Chalifoux
Good women boot option

I've struggled to found women splitboarding boots - or any women outdoor quality gear, let's be honest here, the industry HAS to step up! - these boots have made the trick for me. Thanks to the small sizing. The liners are comfortable but very warm and didn't fit my small feet properly, so I've switched them with liners from Intuition Industry that got heat fitted to my feet. This is now the perfect kit! I was not ready to made the shift to hard boots so this does it for me. The boots fit great with Black Diamond crampons too.
The boots take some time to break in. Give it a couple resort riding days before a big day touring or you'll end up with blisters and sore everything.

jean-luc robert
comfortable boot, semi automatic crampons, but with some awkward design

I got the boots 2 weeks ago and used them to climb Mt baker. I ordered 9 (street shoe 8.5) and it fit well, at least with the thin socks I used for spring climbing. The boots were comfortable, and I had no blisters or pain out of the box, they are relatively light. They worked well with the black diamond neve semi automatic crampons. I like the straps to tighten the boot in ride mode, it also offers additional peace of mind in case the laces break (it happened to me with other boots) Cons: the lacing design: I m still getting used to it. I didn t have too many issues making it tight enough, but I had issues with the laces on the inside : there are 2 external laces closing system, one on the left side of the boot, one on the right side, which means there are laces dangling around on the inside part of your feet, and when walking or skinning, they can get entangled. It gets even worse when wearing crampons.. That would nt be an issue with a pant that goes over the boot (integrated gaiters) like my hard shell, but I was wearing a light softshell that does not go over the boots. I would consider bringing separate gaiters next time.