DPS Pagoda 100 RP Ski

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Whether you like open powder bowls, tight trees, spring corn, or a little bit of it all, the DPS Pagoda 100 RP is a ski you can truly do it all on. Combining DPS' beloved RP shape and their revolutionary Pagoda construction, the Pagoda 100 RP gives you a floaty, playful, and energetic platform to explore the mountains on.

DPS' RP shape is a unique design that features a 15m turn radius allowing you to quickly transition from edge to edge in tight trees and chutes. To ensure the Pagoda 100 RP is stable and confidence inspiring at high speeds, DPS added rocker tips and tails to lengthen the ski. Combining the short turning radius with rocker tips and tails, this ski floats on top of deep powder and plows through chop while still remaining nimble and easy to control.

The Pagoda construction is the culmination of DPS' 15 years of experience fine tuning carbon skis. Sitting in between the Pagoda Piste and the Pagoda tour in DPS' line, the Pagoda is the centerpiece of their engineering prowess that provides the best of both worlds. Whether you're in or out-of-bounds, the Pagoda 100 RP Ski will give you the energy and power you want without unwanted chatter and vibrations when skiing less than ideal snow.

The DPS Pagoda 100 RP combines premium construction with purposeful shaping to give you a ski that you can enjoy no matter where you decide to go or what the conditions are.

Made in the USA.

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Larry Rips
Do It All

So stoked about my new DPS Pagoda 100 RP's! They can handle it all and they fit perfectly into my quiver. It's as easy as point and shoot. Hardpack slayers that still give me plenty of float wherever I take them.