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DPS Wailer 100 Alchemist RP Touring Ski

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If 112mm sounds a little big to be dragging up the hill all day, but you're still looking for a daily driver that can handle every condition, then you are looking for the DPS Wailer 100. This model is based on the same platform as the 112, but with a narrower waist, tip and tail and features the weight savings that go with that smaller profile. The Wailer 100 is a hard charging, lightweight ski with modern geometry that won't slaughter the skin track.

The Alchemist construction combines a industry-leading prepreg carbon layup with newly added dampening materials in just the right places to make these skis snappy in the turns yet able to swallow up mixed snow and funky terrain features. Then, as you lay the ski into the turn, the rounded flex pattern will hold a beautiful edge. When you're ready to smear turns down a smooth, powdery face, the shorter effective edge and rockered profile will have you feeling like a film star.

Tired of fighting your skis to get down the hill smoothly? It's probably time for a pair of DPS... making skiing fun and easy!

Lengths (Weight TBD): 171, 179, 184, 189

Dimensions (Tip/Waist/Tail): 171 (131/100/116), 179 (132/100/117), 184 (133/100/118), 189 (134/100/119)

Turn Radius: 15m

Profile: Rocker, Camber

Construction: Carbon prepreg laminate, aspen wood core, full sidewalls, world cup bases

 Made in the USA.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A really GREAT Ski!

I have skied on the DPS Wailer Alchemist 112 for a year now and now have the luxury of a 100 for our conditions here in the East. They have not disappointed me! Several days of typical Spring conditions, AM ice, PM soft, have convinced me that they are indeed my ski! But the best part of it is that I get to deal with the folks at Cripple Creek Backcountry!

No gear yet

Thanks for the survey, but my gear still isn’t ready... hoping you guys get them mounted soon so I can go take some free heel turns!

Grateful to have found cripple Creek

I’m extremely satisfied with the service I received from both Mike’s and the gear itself. It’s apparent that you are running a very tight ship over there and I’m so happy you have come to the metro area. Keep up the good work!!!

Ski Like You Have Your Groomer On

Before I got the Wailers, I had a pair of skis that were too light and flexible for my 205lbs frame. These were great. I have full control in all spring conditions and they turn on a dime. I know I gave up a bit on weight, but for a power skier like me, the lighter flexible skis just didn’t work. And it’s not like these are heavy!!!

PSIA National Academy 2019 Big Sky Montana 184 Wailer 100 (new 2019-2020 model)

I tested DPS skis as part of our training in ski testing. I am PSIA Certified Level 3 from Vermont. Terry Barbour (PSIA National Demonstration Team Alumni) led our testing session. We skied (1) run on each of (4) different skis. I tested for 6 different performance situations. Easy groomed skiddy turns, Frozen chicken heads in small bumps with a little fresh snow blown in, Short turns on blue groomed terrain, Medium radius turns on blue groomed terrain, Long turns on steeper blue terrain and long Railroad Track turns on steeper blue terrain.
I won't go into detail per se', but here is my take away. This ski is very forgiving. When skied with little edge angle, it is buttery smooth and not the least bit nervous. When pressured more forward, the tails will drift out and around but not dramatically, just smoothly and predictable. Great for buttering in the bumps. When tipped further onto edge, the engagement was sure footed and easy to meter the skid vs carve. Again no drama here, just nicely responsive. When at higher speeds, I felt confident to dump on to a full on RR Track carve and the ski bent nicely into a comfortable arc. It was packed powder, kinda firm underneath that leaving a 2" deep rut, the skis felt stable carving. In the Chicken head bumps this ski rode very manageable. I was able to make medium radius turns in the small crusty bumps without worrying. Skied it later off Tram, Snowfields, Great Falls. Perfect ski for that. Solidly stable even fast in the steeps.


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