Dynafit Cramp-in Boot Crampons

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The Cramp-in Crampon from Dynafit is the race and training crampon designed for quick and easy transitions. Made from an aluminum build, with steel levers and plastic heel straps, the Cramp-in is light and fast. This crampon was designed for the racer in mind and can be easily attached and detached with little to no trouble.

The toe of this crampon connects to an internal bar hidden in the sole of both the Dynafit PDG2 and Hoji and attaches at the heel with a traditional-style throw.

For racers, this crampon is compatible with the PDG2. For ski mountaineers looking for a bit of extra confidence on the bootpack, hook this one up to your Hojis.

Weight per pair: 260g

Customer Reviews

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John M.
Dynafit Crampons

These worked perfectly and were an ease to get on and off.

The crew at Cripple Creek are always so knowledgeable and great to work with. I wouldn’t get my touring gear from anywhere else!!

Andrew T.
Cramp-in first use

My new Cramp-ins arrived at my house late Friday afternoon. With plans to ski early Saturday morning there was not shop available to mount the cleat to my boot. With my carpentry and binding mounting skills I was able to mount the cleat successfully. It took some careful thought and planning for good execution. I would not recommend mounting them yourself unless you are experienced and comfortable with such procedures. Early the next morning I had them securely on my boots. Hardly noticed any added weight to my foot! Pretty quick attaching them and removing them. I do wish they came with a better storage bag. The bag they came with is a light material with a draw string closure. I would prefer a bag of a more durable material that zipped closed and had a loop on the outside so I could easily clip it to my pack for quick transitions. I look forward to more outing with my Crampins. I don't always use crampons on spring outings but I like to have them in my pack. If I am going to carry gear that I might not use, I prefer that it is light and small and function well. Crampins seem to fit the bill.

Jason A.
Dynafit Cramp-in

I purchased the Dynafit Cramp-In system for my Dynafit Hoji boots. The team at Cripple Creek was able to mount the modification to my boot and size the cramp-in perfectly. I used the system the next day with good success. The cramp-in did its job and fit great on the boot. The cramp-in packs nicely for travel. Thanks Cripple Creek!