Dynafit Mezzalama 2 Polartec Alpha Jacket

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The Dynafit Mezzalama 2 Polartec Alpha Jacket features the name-sake active insulation:  Polartec Alpha. Clocking in at 344 grams, this is a lightweight insulating piece designed to keep you warm during aerobic outdoor adventures. Polartec Alpha is a soft fleece that works great at venting moisture and heat while still retaining efficient insulative properties. The outer fabric is a wind and water-resistant nylon that makes the jacket work well as a light-duty outer layer. Two front pockets are the jacket's only design features to keep the jacket simple and svelte. Grab this piece for warmth on both the speed uptrack and the quick descent. It'll keep you dry, warm, happy, and psyched for more. This jacket pairs perfectly with the Dynafit Mezzalama 2 Polartec Alpha Pant

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Jesse Gray
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This jacket is sick AF! Seriously, the best jacket ever. Polar tech alpha in the chest and back panels really keep you warm while being super breathable and no insulation on the sides and arms keeps you cool while deflecting wind at the same time.

I’m normally a greasy little sweat hog skinning up the hill if it’s over 20° but this thing regulates temp as if it were crafted by dark wizards using the olde magic.

FWIW, with a heavier base layer underneath, I summited Shasta in mid March with -25°f windchill at the top and never put on a heavier layer. Just an amazing piece of gear.

Graeme Bush

Just getting into backcountry skiing and this jacket hit the spot. Light, keeps in body warmth, breathes and protects form the wind. Great recommendation!