Dynafit ST Rotation 12 Alpine Touring Binding

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The Dynafit Rotation 12 is the alpine touring “tech” binding for all of those hard charging skiers out there that are not certain if they actually trust an alpine touring “tech” binding.  We get it.  It can be challenging to reconcile the power, durability and performance this binding brings when looking down at the minimal pins-in-boots system. Trust it.  This is the strongest, burliest, big boot driving, hard charging binding that Dynafit produces.    

Lets begin with the easy to step into toe piece, that has a unique lateral swivel that enables safer releasability, complete with the first tech-binding TUV safety certification. This swivel also allows for slight dynamic boot movement while skiing, to eliminate “pre-releasing” that can be common in “tech” bindings when wailing turns on bigger skis and firmer snow.  Continuing with this dynamic difference, the heel unit sits snugly against your boot, moving fore and aft as the ski flexes underfoot. The durable forged aluminum heel unit is integrated directly into the plastic housing, incorporating the easiest to use three position lifters system we have used.  

Weighing 605 grams, the ST Rotation 12 has a DIN adjustment from 5-12 for those that like to turn it past “11”!  This is the ski anything, anywhere binding that will perform in bounds and out. Trust it!  

Customer Reviews

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Edward O.

Doug, thanks for reaching out. The boots are actually too small. You didn’t cut the skins to fit my skis. I had them done elsewhere. You left the pricing stickers on the bottom of the skis, so I was peeling those off in the cold before heading out on a trip. So average overall experience. I’ve skinned, toured and mountaineered in Europe for the last 25 years. Your service is average.

marcus d.
AT binding

Much improved than my old dynafit bindings, I’m 6’4” 205 lbs and skied fast on hard pack resort snow and no pre release, skied well in the deep powder as expected. Durable and light a great combination.

Gets it done!!

I went with the Rotation 12 bindings for my DPS Alchemist Wailer 112 skis which I used both at the resort and backcountry hut trips. So far, the bindings have been impressive, as I've hammered them at the resort and even dropped some small cliffs at Blue Sky Basin in Vail. I feel like they give me the control and power I'm seeking, and I can rip groomers and blast through bumps without thinking about it. I've never pre-released, which I guess is in part to the elastic toe (hence, Rotation). I definitely like the uphill features - it's easy to twist the heel tower and the risers flip back and forth really smoothly. There's not much else to say, other than these bindings are super solid and worth it!!

Mark S.
Solid on the downhill - loosey goosey on the up

First impression only here. Feels solid on the down (similar to the Shifts). On the ups, when using the lifters, the heel piece moves back and forth resulting in a popping sensation that is anything but smooth...