Dynafit Speed Poles

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The Dynafit Speed Poles are designed for all ski touring enthusiasts who move fast on their adventures on the high mountains of the world. This fixed-length pole combines 2 materials -- carbon fiber in the top portion and, in the lower portion, Titanal to protect from stones. A Nordic grip ensures the optimum power transfer. The Speed Touring Pole features the new Dynafit Butterfly Basket, a basket that consists of two baskets fit together. With this feature, the basket surface adapts as needed to the terrain. Whether deep powder or ice, the 154-gram Speed Touring Pole is your reliable companion on fast-paced high-alpine tours.

Weight: 154 grams

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Customer Reviews

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Aidan M.
Great poles!

Very light swing weight. Great power transfer. I really like the Nordic style grip. I am 5’11” and got the 130 cm after much debating and it seems to be just right. For a pure skimo pole I would have gone 135 cm but for more general speed touring this is perfect. Shipping was fast and easy.

Eric P.
Awesome Poles

Use the for racing and light and fast missions. Light and durable.

Ross S.
stiff & light

great pair of poles for the price. very light and stiff to transfer power while going uphill.

Fletcher K.
Excellent lightweight racing pole

I've got three race seasons on these poles, they're super light and have exceptional power transfer with the non-adjustable carbon. They're a real step up from collapsible poles. I have also used these to ski steep couloirs and even while climbing more technical routes with skis on the pack, they've been surprisingly durable through all of these use cases. Giving 4 stars because the basket blew out at the end of last season, they still work but a bit of a bummer.

Erik E.
dynafit speed poles - awful quality

I strongly recommend against these. These are garbage. The most minimal amount of weight cracked one of the poles on half on the second day I used them. I have poles from the 90s that have been through hell that still are functional. I am dumbfounded by how poor the material is. On the positive side, they definitely were light!