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Dynafit TLT Speed Binding

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This is what Dynafit is all about- stripped down high tech ski touring bindings. They pioneered low tech, and continue to improve it. This TLT binding rendition has been spotted on their top athletes skis in testing for a couple years and they are ready to send it out to the masses. The Bayonett lock system keep the heel rotated in to walk mode without additional pieces. 6-12 rotational release value, 3 climbing height positions, 1cm adjustment range, and an optional ski brake at only 285 grams! Brake is addable/removable post mounting and is an additional item.

Want a binding with a brake? You can easily take them on and off the in the field with these detachable ski stoppers.

Specs Product Details
Weight 285g
Material 7075 Forged Aluminium, Chromoly, High-Strength Synthetic Material, Stainless Steel
Release Value 6 to 12
Brake Width 75mm, 90mm, 105mm
Brake Included No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Lightweight and durability is a bonus. I feel fast uphill and secure downhill.

Light and solid

I picked these up from the CCBC crew and threw them on the Dynafit Tour 88 skis. I think the binding is solid and well built.. I like that its low profile and lightweight. The toe is easy to step into and when I'm hiking uphill I can use my pole basket lip to flip the risers. One thing that could be improved though is the brakes.. they are really easy to put on and take off which is nice. The downside is that the heel tower is hard to turn back to ski mode when its in walk mode.. it seems to catch on the brake platform and takes a lot of strength to turn. Maybe it will break in with use?