Dynafit Tour Vario 2.0 Poles

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The Dynafit Tour Vario 2.0 Poles are not only a 2 piece adjustable pole but the first of its kind with material breakdown and construction. While the lower section of the pole features a full aluminum build, the upper section uses a more rigid Carbon construction to alleviate weight while giving the pole a more durable and stiffer build. The Tour Vario 2.0 also features the 2K eva grip for more all around comfort when either side hilling or heading up steeper slopes. Coming in at 228 grams, the Tour Vario is plenty light without giving in to a flimsy carbon pole that snaps on the first use. The Tour Vario can be adjusted between 105-145cm.    

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Lisa F.
Best customer service and gear knowledge!

Couldn’t have had better customer service and knowledge when buying all my backcountry gear from Cripple Creek. JP asked me all the right questions to help me make good buying decisions based on what type of back country skiing I would be doing. I love my whole setup from the black crows camox freebird ski’s, black crows pilus skin’s, dynafit radical binding’s and dynafit vario 2.0 poles.
Thank you!

Katalin D.
Ask a Question: Where can I find the list of gear he put together for me?
Great service very knowledgeable

I felt all of my questions and conserves answered.

John W.
Celestial poles.

Lightweight, but very sturdy at the telescoping junction. Great ergonomics on the grip. What more could you want from a touring pole than the trifecta of low weight, sturdiness, and adjustability? The small lip at the top of the grip is perfect for shifting heel risers on tech bindings.
My only criticism (admittedly a trivial one) is that the wrist straps are nothing more than thin ribbons.

Best Touring Poles

I have used a lot of different touring poles for uphill fitness skiing and backcountry skiiing. Some are too heavy, imbalanced, or have poorly designed handle ergonomics. The committed uphillers at Dynafit in Germany have taken something as banal as a ski pole and put a lot of thought into it. Let's start with the simplicity of adjusting the pole length. There is only one quick-lock lever made of sturdy machined aluminum that is easy to lock and unlock. It is also easy to adjust the inevitable loosening of the tension setting of the lever which can even be adjusted with a coin if you dont have a multi-tool. The weight, balance and strength of the pole is unmatched in my experience. It also comes with a mandatory dual-grip so that you can lower one hand when side-hilling without changing the height of one pole. But, the absolute best, in my opinion, is the pole strap. What? Who cares about a pole strap, you exclaim. I promise that you will once you discover this strap's unheralded brilliance. Its simply a ribbon. No special sewing. No engineered clasps or buckles. Seemingly, no thought. But, consider this; when you are going uphill you do not want your hand in a pole strap because it is much more efficient to be able to change your grip from pistol to pommel, and to move your hand to the lower grip position and back again at will. The reality is, no matter how highly engineered our pole straps are, we never use them going up. They are really only for going down, and these ribbons adjust for the downhill with a solid friction setting inside the grip. You just tug on one end or the other to make it shorter or longer. I've been blabbing about the strap and I haven't even told you the good part. OK, here goes; the secret is that the ribbon is so thin that you can comfortably grab it and your pole grip at the same time. You never have to worry or fuss over a pole strap that gets in the way because it does not matter if it does. Just reach for your pole grip and if the ribbon happens to be underneath your hand, so what? You will not feel uncomfortable going uphill or touring all day long. We truly owe our allegiance to the makers of the Dynafit Vario poles for their brilliance in recognizing that the pole straps both matter and don't matter. In other words, the pole straps are such an integral part of uphilling or touring that tremendous thought must go into the best use mode. The best answer just happened to be the simplest in this case. Get your Dynafit Vario Poles in one of three varieties; all aluminum, half aluminum/half carbon fiber, or full carbon fiber depending on you weight requirements and budget. Any of the variants are worth the price. You joy is guaranteed.