Faction Agent 3.0 X Alpine Touring Ski (Closeout)

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The Faction Agent 3.0 X women’s alpine touring ski has got your back in all conditions. Webster defines Agent as “one that acts or exerts power” and the Agent 3.0 X does just that, acting on your behalf to make challenging backcountry conditions easier to handle and exerting power when it counts in challenging terrain.

This 106 waisted ski is sustainably built to be durable to keep you on the slopes and your sticks out of the landfill. Built with extra large metal edges for increased durability and greater edging power, the reinforced full sidewalls are topped with a micro-cap for greater torsional rigidity and protection from dreaded delaming and chipping of the top sheet/sidewall interface. This purple looker is topped off with full Titanal binding plates for added strength and security.

The Agent 3.0 X has “surf zones” that unite the skis rocker with its tip and tail taper. The rocker provides ample float in deep snow and facilitates pivoting in tight couloirs, while the tapered widest part of the tip and tail is moved more toward the center, eliminating unwanted hooking.

This Agent exerts power with 8 to 12 carbon strips that are woven directly into the fiberglass sandwiching the lightweight Karuba wood core. This provides great strength, stiffness and stability without adding needless weight, keeping the 172cm at an uphill friendly 1540 grams.

Webster continues with its definition of Agent as a means or instrument by which a guiding intelligence achieves a result. We agree that it is smart to make well built skis that are fun to ski and meant to last. The result is the Agent 3.0 X women’s ski!