G3 Alpinist+ Universal Skins

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G3 Redesigned their Fan favorite Alpinist skin to bring you the Alpinist+. The New G3 skin has overhauled all the old attributes and provided a solid upgrade. From fixing the Nylon skin, the adhesive material, and a refined camming clip in the tail.

The new designed Nylon provides a slick nylon material for a smooth glide and sticky skin that allows you to slide effortlessly through the skin track and up steep terrain. The nylon has been spaced in a manner across the skin to allow for a smoother step, with more nylon underfoot for grip and thinner threads in the tip and tail to reduce drag. 

The Adhesive on the Alpinist+ has seen a huge improvement, with a PFOA free waterproofing and freezing temps of -22 F. The Skin will hold better grip and avoid grabbing extra snow and losing it's stickiness over multiple laps. As an added bonus the Alpinist+ has an added snow scoop in the front of the skin, to provide a protective barrier between the adhesive and the snow.   

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely frightening!

I'm going to replace these next year. I have zero confidence when climbing. I've used these 5 times since I bought them and my latest tour was the steepest and absolutely frightening. All I can say is you cannot predict when they are going to slip backwards. I ended up having to use my ski crampons to get any reliable traction when climbing anything more than 20 degree corn snow.
I am comparing these to the performance of my old-school heavy purple BD Ascension skins on my old AT setup. I felt like a mountain goat with those BD skins.
However I really like the G3 tip fastening system. The tail attachment is pretty good too, I have yet to have a tip or tail come off.