G3 Splitboard+ Grip Skin

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Introducing the G3 Splitboard+ Grip climbing skin. Experienced splitboarders know that wrangling split touring skins on and off your boards can be a bit like a monkey doing you know what to a football - difficult to say the least.  G3's splitboard skin tip connectors are custom tailored for splitboards. The low profile, self-aligning stainless steel hand on each skin tip allows for a secure, lightweight and easy to use connection on any unique board shape.

The tip and tail connections and the straight edge of the skin fabric are all built to naturally align with your board out of the box. You only need to trim the shaped edge of the skin to dial in a custom fit, which could not be easier.  

Maximum grip and traction are ideal for steep ascents and icy skin tracks. The high-traction nylon plush material is durable and will keep you moving forward up the steepest off-cambered up-tracks. 

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Y.
Very happy

Installation was easy, no hang ups. Performed very well in the field.

G3 Splitboard Grip Nails Pacific Northwest

Took these skins on two tours, 3 and 6 hours. The first 3 hour tour was icy, pre-season conditions, and the 6 hour was in a full on snow storm. These skins were easy to apply to the splitboard and the grip on the snow was excellent. The skins went through 4 transitions and applied easily each time.

4 Stars because the front of the skin on the inside edge gets snow under it easily in wet and sticky powder. There is a larger plastic piece at the front of the skin that helps align the skin to the board making it fast to apply correctly, but it seems that the inside edge at that point lifts a bit easier since the skin cuts to the outside of the plastic piece, leaving an unsupported area of the skin that travels to the inside edge. This is most likely inherent to splitboarding due to the shape.

Regardless, I'd recommend!

Nick N.
G3 Skins

Have not used them on snow yet. But are cut good and seam to fit properly and snug. Thanks.