Hagan X-Race Skins

$143.99 USD

The X Race climbing skins are specifically designed for ski mountaineering race days. These skins have a slim lay-up, glue with exceptional grip and the water resistant 100% Mohair plush all so that you will be able to keep moving climb after climb until the finish line. A simple rubber tip attachment makes sure that putting on and taking off the skins is fast and seamless. The Hagan X Race skins pair perfectly with the X Race skis.

Recommended Ski:  Hagan X-Race


Material: 100% Mohair

Tip Attachment: Rubber Tip Attachment

Tail Attachment: No

Warranty: ¯1 Year

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Newton
Buy these skins and save them for when you really need them in a race or long tour.

If you've raced SkiMo long enough eventually you will find yourself in a situation where none of your skins will stick. This soul crushing experience will leave you floundering on the side of the skin track as you watch the competition march on to lycra glory. DON'T let this happen to you!! Instead buy these skins stick them in your suit and use them as a last resort. The tip and tail attachment means they are more likely to work when the glue fails. One note the glue on these babies is super duper. If you store them in your pack and it is cold and everything else has gone wrong you may need a buddy to help you pull them apart to put on your skins. Instead store them on your suit where they will be warm, dry and easy to peel.