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The NEW La Sportiva Raceborg boot will be this years newest technology. Combining the carbon fiber cuff with the Grilamid shell this boot will provide the stiffness and comfort you've been looking for in a race boot. A new patented lever system provides effortless ease to transition on the fly. Coming in at 790g in a size 25.5, this boot weighs next to nothing and has the potential to win the race on the down.

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Brian M.
Super stiff when in DH mode! 2022/02 Update

Please see my review on 04/12/2021. At this point, I've probably spent ~20 days in the resorts skiing and ~10 days touring in these. The "slippers" (aka bikini liner) are now easier to get in and out of. A few notes on durability:
* The shoelace is rather abraded, I'm looking to replace this before it breaks mid-race.
* The plastic buckle for the lowers can get rather iced-up and may require a lot of effort to get de-iced. These plastic buckles also don't allow me to tighten the boot as much as I'd prefer, and overall feel cheap.
* The CavoBike Lever Pro works well 95% of the time, but I have had situations where ice forms on the latch point during the uphill, and prevents the lock off.
* Forgot to mention in the other review that there are styrofoam fillers in the heals that were not attached, over the long term, it doesn't seem to be a problem.
* I do recommend a good insole insert (I have one).

Overall, I love these boots, I just wish the lower buckles were of better quality.

Greg P.
La Sportiva Raceborg

Tried these, the Scarpa Alien 1.0, and the Atomic Backland Ultimate and these were the clear winner in terms of uphill comfort thanks to the bikini liner, and downhill performance thanks to the beefy carbon cuff. In fact the cuff is so stiff that the majority of the "flex" in this boot comes from the lower shell bulging out. Significantly stiffer and more controlling on the downhill than the other 2 boots. I use these to drive race skis as well as 80mm spring mountaineering skis and they handle both with ease.

The quality control on these kind of sucks - I tried multiple pairs from multiple vendors and they all had either a malfunctioning ski/walk buckle or poorly pressed cuff pivots that click and squeak like crazy. The cuff pivots are metal-on-plastic and will probably loosen and wear out over the years. Scarpa seems to be the only brand that properly addresses this issue by using cuff pivots that aren't cheap garbage.

The fit is standard La Sportiva. My feet are long and skinny and take up very little volume. I generally have to get a 29.5 to accommodate my toes, and then use tons of shims and foam to fill up volume in the remainder of the boot. These were no exception unfortunately. 28.5 was a much better volume fit buy my toes were curled in the end of the boot and walking was agonizing.

Durability is the only thing I can't comment on so far. As I said I'm not impressed by the quality control. I do foresee potential issues with the buckles on these possibly breaking in the field, and I also don't see these cuff pivots lasting more than a couple hundred miles of walking. Still though - these are sometimes necessary tradeoffs when trying to make a boot that weighs less than 2 pounds, and these are not significantly better or worse than other boots in this price/weight range.

Brian M.
Super stiff when in DH mode!

Pros: Amazing freedom of movement when in uphill mode, these are the boots I've been dreaming of (a "running shoe" with a locking mechanism for downhill). They are very lightweight. I think they also allow for a bit more ventilation, which is super nice for the warm pacific northwest climate that I typically ski in. Skiing the steeps in these boots is confident inspiring due to how stiff they are... but

Cons: I'm probably a bit of an outlier in that I like boots that flex a bit. When in downhill mode, these don't budge. So much so that the upper cuff starts biting into my shins at the end of a long day at the resort. I probably need to tighten the cuff a bit to avoid this and/or spend more time going up! To be fair, there is actually a bit of flex which comes from the lower plastic shell, and I'm a little concerned about durability due to this flexing (so far just 1 resort day on them). I also find these boots difficult to get in and out of. Specifically, the liner wants to come out when I take my foot out, and when putting my foot in the liner wants to fold over. I think bringing an old fashion "shoe horn" would help me get them on a bit easier.